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Photo: The reinsertion of Cecilia Eguiluz into politics, now in the Cabildo Abierto, would be a sign that Pedro Bordaberry would not return to politics.

-… Don’t be Guarangos. Don’t you realize thatton talking to the holy button? It has nothing to do with it, one thing is the PIT-CNT and another, very different, is the Frente Amplio.

-I already told you Sandro, you have to say that to the fans, to those who believe that they are different and separate things. The Frente Amplio and the PIT-CNT have been the same thing for many years.

-In fact, that Fernando Pereira has been proposed as a candidate for President of the FA, makes it very clear that they no longer even try to hide that it is the same thing.

– They are different things, because they have different objectives.

-What they have are different tasks -which is not the same- but the objective is the same, to seize control of the country. The PIT-CNT does it from the unions and controls the workers, and the Front from politics. It is nothing new.

-In addition, it is treacherous how they use the PIT CNT as a catapult for politicians, and that has been happening for years. The Fernando Pereira thing is one more link in that long chain. I’m not going to name everyone because it doesn’t give us the page.

-Do you remember when some time ago in front of speculation that indicated that he could get to work within the FA, he said: “I will not allow anyone to question my political independence? LOL…

-It seems that this matter and his name to preside over the FA, has been handled for a long time and Sandro wants to convince us that they are different things, hahahahaha … Stop fucking, Sandro! Pereira is a broad front that is assigned the task of controlling and organizing working people.

-You fail to understand that militancy is a conception of life. I do not doubt that “comrade” Pereira has voted for the Front, and neither will I deny that the Front is the political force that is closest to the PIT-CNT, but I will never accept that they want to sell me that it is the same. They are very different things that coincide in defending the workers and the most vulnerable and fighting for a society with greater social justice. It is true that in a lot of things they coincide, but they are independent of each other.

-It must be because they are “very different” that all union leaders belong to the Broad Front … Hehehehehehehe

-Also “nobody thinks” that they coordinate actions together, that they propose the same things and oppose the same ideas, because they are the same thing.

-I understand that they can see us as if we were the same thing, but not understand that they are different things, that they fight for similar things and that before that it is logical that they get together to coordinate actions and do tasks together, it is to be very fachos …, sorry, very shortsighted. There is an ideological closeness that does not mean that they are the same thing. It is as if today we say that White and Red are the same thing, because they are in the Government. You. would they accept that they are the same thing because they are part of the multicolored coalition?

-Esteeee … Well … esteeee, history rules and it is clear that we are different parties.

-It would be very foolish not to understand the difference between white and red

-Come? Come? See? … Walking together doesn’t mean they’re the same.

What speaks well of Sandro is that he is convinced and what he argues is for his conviction, but everything indicates that they are the same thing, and will continue to be.

-The referendum against the LUC is a clear example.

-Well, regarding that matter, I have bad news for you, because everything indicates that we will have a referendum, hehehe

-Mmmm… I want to see it, I want to see it.

-Do you have any data on how the signature count is going?

Sure, look: as of Thursday, 228,105 ballots had been entered into the counting system, of which 194,915 were accepted and 21,054 were rejected. And that gives that we already reached 7.24%. If we continue like this, this comes out with fries and we will turn it around such an aberration of law.

hehehe … There, in the rejected ones, is the trout ballot of Luis Alberto Lacalle de Herrera, father of the best president of the last 50 years, Luis Lacalle Pou included? It has no neck !: They put the identity card and the credential of the former president, and they discovered them because the fingerprints did not match.

-That was pure ball.

-Let’s not scatter, please. I want to make it clear that all the opinion polls published so far say that the majority do not agree with repealing anything.

-It seems that the fact that they have reached the number of signatures does not assure them of success.

-We will see when the machinery starts to roll, there they will see the pingos and who are the owners of the sheep. hehehehe

– Speaking of sheep, let’s talk about sheep. Did you find out that Lima was invited to launch the sheep harvest and not even hit a ball?

-What did he mean, he didn’t hit the ball !?

-No, he didn’t hit the ball. The mayor of Artigas, Pablo Caram, was alone, but he did not give any signs after being invited, he did not notify anyone that he would not be there. An inconsiderate. An attitude that even the president of the SUL, Miguel Sanguinetti, had to “stand out” in his oratory.

-Stop, stop, stop … First: with that last name you can’t expect anything else towards a broad front. Second: That is not so. That was Friday at 2:30 PM.

-Yes. AND?

– “Elandré” had to be in Montevideo at 11.30, because the season of Destino Termas was launching and obviously it did not arrive in any way. That’s why Alvarito, the brother, went to represent him.

-He was able to warn that he was not going to be there and not delay the entire ceremony. He also did not communicate that the deputy Lima represented him, and as if that were not enough, he left when the act began.

-Of course, they told him at 2 in the afternoon and it was a quarter to 3 and they hadn’t started. Surely the man had other things to do.

-It started at that time because they were waiting for the mayor Lima, I reiterate, that he never warned that he could not be, nor that his brother would go on his behalf. What part do you not understand? It is also traditional for the mayor of Salto to do the “sealing of the heavy lamb”, and yet it must have been the mayor of Artigas who ended up doing it … A nonsense!

-What I do not understand is that he does not have the delicacy to warn that “so and so” will go in his place … That is a contempt that adds to what already happened a couple of years ago when the world congress was to be held of Angus, here in Salto, and because the Jones route was turned into a ball, because it was not fixed, it could not be done in the Bayucuá cabin, the cradle of the race. Producers are already beginning to realize that you have a problem against them.

-That they stop fucking and not be so fagots. What problem can “Elandré” have against them? None! Don’t fuck around.

-Yes, yes, yes … You always have a voice of defense for Andrés Lima, but the truth is that the man despised an important act of a productive sector that generates wealth and labor for the people of Salta.

-The day they inaugurate the Expo Salto, organized by the Agricultural Association, he will not go because “he had a soccer game …” Stop fucking around, Sandro: The man is inconsiderate.

-Now that you talk about football, I remembered a little thing that I found out this week and I wanted to comment on it.

What is it?

– A senior leader of the multicolored coalition celebrated – in a very reserved and trustworthy sphere – that Chechi Eguiluz has returned to politics.

– What do you mean “celebrated”?

-Of course, he said something like this: “Glad to hear it that he has returned to politics, at least now there will be someone to talk to in the Cabildo, because with Albernaz you can’t even talk about football … “ hahahaha … Hahahahahaha … These multicolored are divine.

-That’s just a gossip … Stop fucking … butooo … On second thought, the one who said that is right.

-Well, we have to round out the end.

-Para, we did not say anything about Albisu’s management to bring investors to Salto. Private investors from Brazil who are going to invest more than 30 million dollars in Salto in logistics, in a dry and barge port….

-You do not need to say anything, on page 2 of this newspaper is the information with details.

-Paráaaa… We can’t go. We have to say something about Cardocito’s resignation “of his own free will” to the Ministry of Tourism, he made a tremendous noise in what is left of the Colorado Party.

-There’s no more space.

-I want to say something about the Batlle monkey …

-It can’t be done, the Infiltrated Column is already down here.

The infiltrated column

The day the National Party comes to the conviction that there is no other way within the order and legality, it will resort to other ways, as it has done in the course of its political history. “

Dardo Ortiz (1972)

Meetings forbidden, political parties beheaded, their authorities and leaders banned, the National Party sought an emergency authority – with a very limited number of members – to act on its behalf. Whenever I have referred to the matter, I emphasize that this “Triumvirate” was actually made up of five members. Indeed, to the names of Dardo Ortiz, Mario Heber (replaced after his death by Jorge Silveira Zabala) and who writes this, two excellent collaborators were added as secretaries: Doctors Fernando Oliú and Gonzalo Aguirre Ramírez. As a result of his activism, the former was dismissed from an important position at the Banco de la República, and the latter was imprisoned and suspended from practicing his profession. But they thus honored their quality as citizens and men faithful to the oath of defense of the Law.

The activity of this provisional authority began by communicating to as many colleagues as possible, receiving practically unanimous solidarity from the white leaders of the entire country. A letter from Wilson reinforced, with his approval, the decision to create this authority.

Depending on the nature or entity of the problem to be dealt with, it was customary to invite, alternatively, other leaders to hear their opinions. Soon the “Triumvirate” was the center of party life. Numerous documents – almost all from the pen of Oliú or Aguirre – circulated throughout the Republic. The distribution was laborious, “hand in hand”, because the mail violated all correspondence. So that we had no doubts about it, on one occasion, they returned us, en masse, all the empty envelopes.

Extracted from the book SOY TESTIGO (June-2006), by Carlos Julio Pereyra.