Darel Poirier, much more than a show for Movistar Estudiantes

can we talk about Darel poirier (1997/208 cm) as one of the star players of the competition. Still without Dos Anjos, we have already seen in preseason that the Frenchman can be very decisive in this league and that perhaps we can put him at the level of big names rather than good players who make it to the competition (such as the Barton, Omoerah or Gorgemans, to name a few). The Gallic interior was an old longing for the Movistar Students and the descent has made their paths cross.

Trained in the prestigious French INSEP, where the best French talents are trained while playing in NM1 at Center Federal, and usual in the training categories of France, the summer of 2015 he signed for Cholet, but with more presence in the subsidiary team (league de Espoirs) than in the ProA. He did well in the 2017 U20 European Championship and reached the ProB in the 2017/2018 season, via loan to Charleville (4.6 pt, 2.8 re). It seemed that 18/19 would repeat a loan in the same category, but with NBA scouts hovering, he reached the gates of the G-League after playing the Eurocamp in spring. He was chosen in the NBA development league draft and played for Capital City Go-Go (40 dc, 20 mi, 9.1 pt, 4.1 re, 1.0 ta), where he set a good course progressing with his game above the ring. After the season it was rumored that he could finish the course in Estudiantes, but he headed to Italy, although a call to participate in the G-League Elite Camp and the workouts pre-draft made him return to the US. He was not chosen in the NBA Draft, but he did play with the Spurs in the summer league. The 19/20 would return to the G-League (Windy City Bulls) when it seemed that he was going to return to Cholet, but an injury and the appearance of the coronavirus led him to play only 5 games (18 mi, 8.6 pt, 6.4 re) .

During the final phase of his recovery, he had several offers. He did not sign for JL Bourg last season, something that also happened in October with Évreux (ProB), when he did not pass the medical examination. He finally arrived in Greece in January (Mesolongi: 7 dc, 22 mi, 10.1 pt, 6.3 re), showing that after a year and a half without playing he was at a good level. After her experience, Helena returned to her country to sign for the Le Mans of the highest category (15 pa, 19 mi, 7.6 pt, 2.8 re), where after a week of testing she signed until the end of the season to replace the injured Alain Koffi.

It is a physical interior with a wingspan, which makes its 208 centimeters seem more. With good springs, he is able to play over the rim and at the same time attack it with his good ball handling. After a year and a half unemployed, and being sometimes complex to transfer the performance in the G-League by style of play to the LEB Gold, I have soaked up his performances in Greece and France: more comfortable in his native country, for being a More attractive and organized basketball, in Greece he added good numbers because he knew how to adapt to the roughest and toughest game in the league.

Poirier is an interior of enormous condition. It is clear that it can be ‘five’ in Gold and more when his partner in the position is Felipe dos Anjos, a true rook with game around the rim. In leagues top maybe we should see him as a ‘four’, but even in this category we could see him in that position in certain situations (if Jota sees fit). It’s going to leave us good mates on our retina. A player who knows how to take advantage of cuts, run down the center lane and also be a garbage man over the rim. With Faggiano as a base, Poirier can be lined up in the Q&A, because it will open spaces for him and he is a player who has mechanized the block and continuation to alley oops. He has been working and can stay in the pop No problem; What’s more, in France I have seen him very comfortable from the triple and scoring with a certain consistency. It is also surprising to see a “dosocho” like him with that ability to attack the rim and handle the ball. In LEB Oro he will create many problems for his rivals due to his ability to attack from outside to inside and because he is a player for whom the rival center cannot wait for him under the rim, as he has a shooting range. His game with his back to the basket may be better, although he can go both ways; He looks for this resource against physically inferior rivals to finish on the hook for speed, but he lacks a better footwork and in certain situations define with more force.

At the back, he is a mobile player who can reach help and does not give up the fight, although heavy centers have trouble holding them at times. It has good timing to block and, although it is not a rebound tent, it protects its space well (its long arms help in this regard, being able to give an extra plus in defense without the ball). If we are looking for its weak point, it may be concentration in the game, not because it disconnects, but because of its decision making, sometimes forcing shots or plays that are not correct, despite the fact that some quality can solve them. That is one of the causes of your average loss. In his last stretch of 20/21 he showed that injuries are forgotten, something that his preseason has confirmed.

In summary, Darel Poirier is an excellent acquisition and who knows if in the short-medium term we will remember his time at Gold as it has happened with other players. With a slightly different trajectory than that of a usual young player, and it seems that with the “USA dreams” parked at the moment, Poirier must seek stability and confidence to grow in his game. With very good conditions for this sport, he will do a lot of damage, and more with bases like Faggiano and Arroyo that facilitate his game. It will be interesting to see his combination with mobile power forward like Nacho Martín. If Jota Cuspinera manages to keep him focused and optimize his game, he will leave us spectacular plays. For him, the LEB Oro can be a good touchstone, with big rivals like Diagne or Fall and dancing centers like Ward or Arteaga, challenges that will surely make him grow as a player. I have loved his game and, therefore, his arrival in Gold.