Two giants in Madrid: Marc Gasol challenges Movistar Estudiantes

Two giants in Madrid Marc Gasol challenges Movistar Estudiantes

EI Movistar Estudiantes and Bàsquet Girona have become the two big claims of the LEB Oro this season. The schoolboys for their 75 years of history, 65 in the Spanish basketball elite, between the National League and the ACB, who left last year; the Catalans, by Marc Gasol (36 years old and 2.15 m), who … Read more

The double blunder of Enzo Pérez and David Martínez that cost River Plate the Estudiantes goal

The curious action in La Plata, on date 19 of the Professional League River plate seemed to have controlled Students at the start of the second half of a fundamental meeting for the future of the Professional League. He was still savoring the goal of Robert Rojas in the epilogue of the initial stage and … Read more