Basketball Rosarina already has a match schedule for the return to activity

Basketball Rosarina already has a match schedule for the return

The Rosarina Association announced the schedule of the return to competition in many of its categories. Surely there may be some change of day depending on the location chosen by the institutions, but the stipulated dates for the return of each of the tournaments were communicated.

Regarding the Super League, the action will resume on Sunday 22 at 20:30 with the duels on date 6 between Náutico vs. Echesortu, Sportivo América vs. El Tala (zone 1), Caova vs. Sportsmen Unidos, Atalaya vs. Saladillo and Temperley vs. Cyclone (zone 2).

In the case of First A, it will be on Tuesday 24 at 9:30 p.m. with date 5 and these games: Libertad vs. Sportivo Federal, Puerto San Martín vs. Provincial, Workshops of Villa Gobernador Gálvez vs. Regattas (zone 1), Calzada vs. Gymnastics, Alumni of Casilda vs. Los Rosarinos Student and Unión de Arroyo Seco vs. University (zone 2).

Until last night there was no official announcement of the second category of promotion, but there were some clues on the Rosarina site. In zone 1 of Primera B until now they are scheduled for August 27 Swiss Shooting vs. Maciel, Atlantic vs. Central and San Telmo vs. Echesortu of date 5. In zone 2 on August 30 it is arranged that Fortín play with Garibaldi and Paganini Alumni vs. Fisherton dated 7.

For its part, in the men’s formations the return will take place on Saturday 21 with Fortín Barracas vs. Temperley, Náutico vs. Regattas, Rosario Central vs. Los Rosarinos Student, Sportivo Federal vs. San Telmo de Funes (zone 1), Atlantic Sportsmen vs. Fisherton, Echesortu vs. Gymnastics B, Freedom vs. Provincial, Union and Progreso vs. Casilda Alumni (zone 3), Cyclone BBC vs. Calzada, Caova vs. Arroyo Seco Workshops, Swiss Shot vs. Saladillo, Unión de Arroyo Seco vs. VGG workshops (zone 4), Garibaldi de Fray Luis Beltrán vs. Municipality of Puerto San Martín, Independent of Ricardone vs. Red Star de San Lorenzo, Sportivo Belgrano de Oliveros vs. Maciel, Sportivo Paganini Alumni de Granadero Baigorria vs. Commune of Timbúes (zone 5), Newell’s vs. Belgrano, Provincial B vs. Edison, Sportivo América vs. Atlantic Sportsmen B and Zionista vs. Ben Hur (Promotional). Zone 2 will return on the 28th with El Tala vs. Atalaya, Sportsmen Unidos vs. Gymnastics A and University vs. Temperley A.

In the women’s formations the action will be on Sunday 22 with Ben Hur vs. CCy R de Villa Gobernador Gálvez, Náutico vs. Watchtower, Regattas of San Nicolás vs. Maciel, Rosario Central vs. Saladillo, Sportivo Paganini Alumni de Granadero Baigorria vs. Sportivo Belgrano de Oliveros and RPB workshops of Villa Gobernador Gálvez vs. Temperley.

The first female was scheduled to return on August 18, but official programming has not yet been announced nor date changes have been registered on the Rosarina website.