Basketball lover and father of two children: who was the murdered taxi driver

Your basketball friends They nicknamed him “Pip”, because they saw a physical resemblance to Scotty Pippen. those of life, “guly”. All of them, hours after learning of the crime, still can’t get out of their astonishment. Carlos Fabian Guzman Diaz was 55 years old. and two small children whom he supported financially based on two jobs: he was employed in a hypermarket and also worked as an informal taxi driver.

Fulfilling this last work task, he was killed by criminals who surprised him while he was waiting for a passenger in Tierra del Fuego at 2800this Sunday morning. The shot hit his chest, near the neck -as revealed by the autopsy already performed-and caused his death, while the thieves escaped with his car.

The rolled brand Ford Focus appeared in the afternoon in a building in Magellan at 10,400, where numerous police incidents took place in the pastalong with two firearms that were in the possession of a 23-year-old man identified as Juan Carlos Conte, which was arrested. As the hours passed, details of the case became known and THE CAPITAL He was able to access different people who knew the victim, of whom they drew a profile.

Carlos Guzman (Photo: Facebook)

As described by these sources, Guzmán “was a basketball lover” and had practiced the sport of the orange ball in clubs like Independentalthough lately he did it in Smata. His classmates on the different campuses nicknamed him “Pip” because they saw him physically similar to the remembered forward scotty pippenwho won six championships in the NBA with the chicago bulls of Michael Jordan in the ’90s.

For his part, his life friends knew him as “Guly”. These told that the man He had two small children whom he supported financially. with two jobs: in a well-known hypermarket and as an informal taxi driver.

Precisely while working as a driver he was killed, as explained before, during the assault. According to the forensic experts in the preliminary autopsy report that this media also accessed, Guzmán suffered a intrathoracic hemorrhage after cardiac injury caused by the bullet received near the neck. “An entry hole was detected in the right parasternal area and the projectile was lodged in the autoperitoneum region in the psoas muscle,” the specialists ruled.

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Basketball lover and father of two children: who was the murdered taxi driver