Basketball lover and father of two children: who was the murdered taxi driver

Basketball lover and father of two children who was the

Your basketball friends They nicknamed him “Pip”, because they saw a physical resemblance to Scotty Pippen. those of life, “guly”. All of them, hours after learning of the crime, still can’t get out of their astonishment. Carlos Fabian Guzman Diaz was 55 years old. and two small children whom he supported financially based on two … Read more

They report that Luis Rivas, a suspect in the attack on David Ortiz has been murdered in Puerto Rico


This Thursday, September 30, it was announced that Luis Alfredo Rivas-Clase, one of the main suspects of having committed the attack against David Ortiz, was assassinated last weekend in Puerto Rico. According to various media, the man who would have attacked the former player of Boston Red Sox He died of a gunshot wound outside … Read more