Yankees: Maris’s son ‘disappointed’ with Judge for not recognizing his father as ‘Home Run King’

No injuries Ravens will fight again for the division title

Aaron Judge is very close to breaking Roger Maris’ record most home runs in a season for the American League and the New York Yankees, taking just over two weeks to reach 61 for the legendary Yankee. Without a doubt, achieving it will be a huge mark for the Judge, although it falls far short … Read more

Basketball lover and father of two children: who was the murdered taxi driver

Basketball lover and father of two children who was the

Your basketball friends They nicknamed him “Pip”, because they saw a physical resemblance to Scotty Pippen. those of life, “guly”. All of them, hours after learning of the crime, still can’t get out of their astonishment. Carlos Fabian Guzman Diaz was 55 years old. and two small children whom he supported financially based on two … Read more

Total madness at the MIC with Cristiano Ronaldo’s son and… ‘siuuuu’ like his father

1649934427 Total madness at the MIC with Cristiano Ronaldos son and

Never a group stage match of the MIC I had so much anticipation. The municipal field of Torroella de Montgrí was filled to the brim to see the game live son of Cristiano Ronaldo c.on the t-shirt Man Utd U12 and it did not disappoint. It all started with a bang. The expectation generated by … Read more

“To the best in the world” Gurriel DEDICATED words to his father on his birthday

To the best in the world Gurriel DEDICATED words to

By SwingFull/ contacts@swingcompleto.com One of the best-known families in Cuban baseball is that formed by Lourdes Gurriel, both he and his three children have dedicated their lives to baseball in both the National Series and two of them in the Major Leagues. On March 25, the family celebrated the 65th birthday of “The Man of … Read more

The reason why Rodrygo calls Luka Modric ‘father’

The reason why Rodrygo calls Luka Modric father

This Saturday, Father’s Day, social networks boil with messages and dedications to parents. The tweeters, instagramers, influencers and all that group whose name ends in -ers have launched to congratulate the parents. Also footballers. Among those messages, the one from Rodrygo to his father, Luka Modric, stands out. Yes, you have read correctly, the Croatian … Read more

‘He is a great father’; Chicharito’s girlfriend defends him from Sarah Kohan

He is a great father Chicharitos girlfriend defends him from

Midtime Editorial Mexico City / 06.03.2022 18:53:46 there is already lady who defends Javier Hernández Balcázar of the accusations of his ex-partner for being “bad father”. The Chicharito’s new girlfriend is Nicole McPhersonwho asked the followers of the Mexican soccer player not to believe in everything that is said, except when it comes from someone … Read more