Reds after Voit slip: “It was dirty”

SAN DIEGO – The Reds have struggled a lot this young season, but they really felt the last one – a concussion to catcher Tyler Stephenson Tuesday night from a collision at the plate that his teammates didn’t appreciate at all. .

During the victory of Padres 6-2 at Petco Parkwhich extended Cincinnati’s slump to eight straight losses, Stephenson was forced out of the game in the bottom of the first inning after a hard collision at the plate with running back Luke Voit.

“Okay, but obviously a concussion is always going to be a concern, anything can happen,” Reds manager David Bell said. “It’s always scary to see a blow to the head.”

Stephenson was placed under concussion protocol, which means he will be out for at least seven days.

Voit sent Stephenson his best wishes, adding that he was simply trying to avoid the touch.

“It was going to be a close play,” Voit said. “Obviously you don’t know where the ball is going to go. They are things that happen. You can’t explain the situation. I tried to avoid it and get to safety. It’s impressive that he didn’t drop the ball, honestly.”

The Reds, for their part, didn’t see the play from that same point of view.

“I didn’t like it at all,” Reds left fielder Tommy Pham said. “They can say what they want, everyone on that side. They know me. I know of a place around here. I know the owner and we could use the gym, in case we want to solve something… It was a dirty move”.

Facing a double by Jurickson Profar, Voit tried to score from the first. Pham hit the ball back into the infield, shortstop Kyle Farmer made the cut and threw to the plate.

Farmer threw a strike at Stephenson. On the slide, Voit’s arms crashed directly into the receiver’s head.

“Watching the replay, I’m not satisfied with that slide,” Farmer confessed. “You don’t see very often a runner grab someone by the head and hit them like that. You usually go towards the base. Watching the replay, it looks like a fighting move.”

“If Luke wants to figure it out, I know how to defend myself,” Pham said. “Anything. Muay Thai, whatever. As I said, I have an owner around here who can lend me his facilities”.

Cincinnati and San Diego will complete their three-game series on Wednesday afternoon.

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Reds after Voit slip: “It was dirty”