He missed 5 million! The Blue Jays fan who let Aaron Judge’s historic ball slip

He missed 5 million The Blue Jays fan who let

New York Yankees player Aaron Judge tied the record for 61 home runs in a single season that Roger Maris owned alone in the American League. Judge’s home run helped the Big Apple team win 8-3 on their visit to the Toronto Blue Jays, although the protagonist of this story is an aficionado named Frankie … Read more

Power Rankings: Week 17; Uptown holds, Patriots and Cardinals slip

Power Rankings Week 17 Uptown holds Patriots and Cardinals slip

Professional football ended in 2021, But it is not so bad, in the first weekend, the game that so much fascinates millions of people in the United States and other countries of the world, returns for its final stretch. The odds of multiple teams are starting to increase, but before they can even think about … Read more

The Ravens let slip the tie, and Steelers take the victory

The Ravens let slip the tie and Steelers take the

With a scream ending and the knife between the teeth, the Steelers beat the Ravens 20-19. In the last play of the game Lamar Jackson and company decided to go for the conversion of two points, but they failed to fall on the scoreboard. This is the third straight win for the Pittsburgh team over … Read more