Manager Nats does not expect Castro to return this year

Manager Nats does not expect Castro to return this year

WASHINGTON – Mike Rizzo, general manager of the Washington Nationals, does not anticipate that the infielder Starlin castro come back with the club this season.

The Dominican Castro was suspended with pay on July 16 by the Major League Baseball office, under its policy on domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse.

Rizzo, who spoke to a group of reporters before Tuesday’s meeting with the Miami Marlins, did not say whether his statement about Castro was based on any idea that the procedure followed in these cases would be prolonged or not.

“The procedure is the procedure,” he emphasized. “You asked me if I plan to have Starlin Castro back and I said I do not plan that.”

The absence was imposed by policies adopted by the majors and the players union in 2015. It may be the first step toward a longer suspension.

This first suspension, during which the player continues to earn his salary but cannot play for up to a period of seven days, has been extended for some players under the terms of the policy in recent years, while the Major Leagues investigate an allegation.

Rizzo said he learned of the situation the night before Castro received the leave of absence. He added that he has not spoken with the player.

“This surprised me and upset me … It is something that cannot and should not happen,” he commented. “It will not happen with the Washington Nationals and if it happens we will correct it. That’s what I thought at the time. “

Castro was charged with sexual assault in connection with a 2011 Chicago incident, but did not face complaints to Chicago authorities.

Rizzo said the Nationals had done a background check on Castro before the Nationals signed him to a two-year contract in January 2020.

“I was very disappointed to hear this news. You know we check this. We take pride in our players in sports and beyond, and you know it, I’ve said it a million times, ”Rizzo said. “And right now we failed and I am responsible for the players I put on the roster and on the field.”