WWE showed several creative flaws in Clash at the Castle

The WWE Clash at the Castle event was one in which beyond the results, I saw serious problems in the way the stories were told in the ring.

The first case was in the clash of Matt Riddle vs. Seth Rollins.

Riddle, who was in a heated fight with Rollins, to the point that he insulted him by mentioning his family situation, happily left on his scooter waving to the fans like any other regular show.

How are we supposed to have any emotional connection in this fight if Riddle doesn’t seem to care? That’s why when I saw him lose I didn’t feel so “bad”, since in a certain way he deserved to be defeated.

And then we have the main event fiasco. Whether or not McIntyre should have won is a topic we can debate for weeks, but there are times when WWE has a long-term plan that just can’t be derailed. What is that plan? We do not know. Is it possible that there is no plan? Also.

But what really pissed me off was seeing Drew, who had just lost the biggest match of his career, SING minutes later in the ring with Tyson Fury.

Isn’t McIntyre supposed to stay frustrated with the loss; after having fallen before the fans of his homeland, and LOSING A TITLE FIGHT AGAIN?

And, like the Riddle case, if Drew wasn’t that bothered, why should it bother me as a fan? Drew is singing. Roman would never do that. So the right person won.

This could be the first “crack” of the new WWE era. Debuting talent every week isn’t going to get you anywhere if the booking looks so indifferent.

It’s time to pause and focus on paying attention to the key details within the storylines before frantically continuing to shed new faces as the only strategy, before the consensus begins that WWE without Vince McMahon is headed for the abyss.

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WWE showed several creative flaws in Clash at the Castle