WWE RAW Results October 3, 2022

All the results of WWE RAW October 3.

Tonight, WWE celebrates a new RAW show, and this time it will take place from the Xcel Energy Center in St Paul, Minnesota. In this program, Bianca Belair and Bayley will sign the contract to make their fight official in Extreme Rules. Also, Johnny Gargano, Candice LeRae, Braun Strowman, Dakota Kai and other talent will be in action. You can check the full preview of this episode of the red mark here. Next, we leave you the RAW results October 3.

Monday Night Raw begins with the members of The Judgment Day in the ring. Finn Bálor mentions that this Sunday he will make Edge surrender in an ‘I Quit Match’ while Damian Priest affirms that this will serve as a precedent for future rivals who want to face the faction. Rhea Ripley then approaches Dominik Mysterio to whisper in his ear. After this, the new member of the faction takes the microphone to say that he does not consider Rey Mysterio his father, and that he hates him for lying to him all his life, since he has now discovered his happiness with TJD .

Now Finn Bálor takes the floor again. He says that he was able to take down AJ Styles last week, but he didn’t because he considers him family, so he still has the offer to be a member of The Judgment Day. However, he also makes it clear that he isn’t afraid to attack him if things get rough. ‘The Phenomal’ interrupts at that moment with Rey Mysterio.

The first fight of the night begins. Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles face Finn Bálor and Damian Priest.

  • Finn Bálor takes the win after applying a Coupe de Grace to AJ Styles.

Once the fight was over, Rey Mysterio and AJ Styles had a brief exchange of words until the last mentioned attacked the other. Later, when Mysterio had left, members of The Judgment Day attacked Styles.

It shows how a few hours ago Kevin Patrick interviewed Bobby Lashley. The United States Champion was commenting how he waits for a person capable enough to challenge him for the title until Mustafa Ali appears to indicate that he is tired of being at the end of the row. Lashley seems to downplay Ali’s statements, but due to his insistence he decides to give him a fight tonight.

Meanwhile in locker rooms, Sami Zayn is seen laughing with Jimmy Uso until Solo Sikoa and Jey Uso appear to tell them that they have to get serious and make it known that Roman Reigns is coming next week. The members of The Bloodline begin their walk through the corridors until they run into The Street Profits. It is shown that Montez Ford has a protection on his foot, so he can not stand up to the ‘heels’. However, Angelo Dawkins can do it, and challenges Solo Sikoa to a match later.

The next contest of the evening begins. Bobby Lashley faces Mustafa Ali.

  • Bobby Lashley gets the victory after Mustafa Ali was knocked unconscious with a Hurt Lock.

Post-match, Bobby Lashley wanted to pick Mustafa Ali up until Seth Rollins made a surprise appearance to Curb Stomp both wrestlers.

After the attack, Seth Rollins stays in the ring for his final face-off against Matt Riddle before Extreme Rules. A video of what the ‘Fight Pit Match’ consists of is then shown. Rollins then says that he already proved that he is the most dangerous man in WWE when he finished off Cody Rhodes and now he has done the same with Bobby Lashley. Upon hearing this, Matt Riddle interrupts.

The first thing Matt Riddle says when he enters the ring is that he will kill Seth Rollins at Extreme Rules. Something to which Rollins replies that just as he speaks he should sing to his son, but then he mocks saying that he can’t see it. However, ‘The Original Bro’ prefers to ignore it to ask Seth when was the last time he was World Champion and main event of WrestleMania and then respond by stating that he has always been second to Roman Reigns, Becky Lynch and Extreme Rules will be his second.

When the tension between both fighters was increasing, Daniel Cormier is shown from the giant screen. The member of the UFC Hall of Fame indicates that there was already a lot of talk and now it is time for both to face each other inside the Fight Pit. He also asks both competitors that he will not have any kind of favoritism either because he is a fan of Rollins or because Riddle has a mixed martial arts background. Hearing this, Rollins takes off Riddle’s hat and leaves.

We see The Miz talking to Maryse on the phone in dressing rooms. She tells him that there are guarantees that the being she does not want to name [Dexter Lumis] He will not appear next week on Monday Night Raw during his birthday celebration. At that moment, Dexter Lumis himself tries to enter his dressing room, but stops when he sees a person from Miz’s team.

The team made up of Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss wish Candice LeRae luck before the fight she will hold tonight. While this segment was happening, the lights dimmed a bit and a new QR code was displayed.

The third match of this edition of Monday Night Raw is disputed by Candice LeRae and Dakota Kai.

  • Dakota Kai defeats Candice LeRae with a Damage CTRL assisted Roll Up.

It looks like Johnny Gargano heads to the ring for his fight against Otis until he sees The Miz lying unconscious on a box. Gargano wakes him up and realizes that Miz is with a drawing of him and Dexter Lumis. ‘The A-List Movie Star’ quickly leaves, while Johnny nostalgically reminisces about Dexter’s shenanigans.

The bell rings and the fight between Johnny Gargano and Otis begins.

  • Otis defeats Johnny Gargano with a Powerslam. During the match, Austin Theory attacked Gargano with a punch from his briefcase.

The team of Austin Theory and Alpha Academy began attacking Johnny Gargano after the match until Braun Strowman stormed out. Theory and Gable tried to hear when the former World Champion made his entrance, but only Mr. Money in the Bank made it.

The fight between Braun Strowman and Chad Gable begins.

  • Braun Strowman defeats Chad Gable with a Powerbomb.

It is shown as Bobby Lashley is receiving medical assistance until Kevin Patrick arrives. The United States Champion tells the interviewer that after Matt Riddle defeats Seth Rollins in the ‘Fight Pit Match’ he will beat ‘The Visionary’ for the title next week.

Next, Bianca Belair and Bayley make their way to the ring for the signing of their Raw Women’s Championship match at Extreme Rules with Corey Graves. First, Bayley takes the microphone to indicate that she knew that her rival would be foolish enough to accept a ‘Ladder Match’, so precisely with the ladder that she considers the greatest emblem of her career, she will take home the title on Saturday. She also emphasizes that Belair was made easy as if she were trying to climb a ladder.

Then, Bayley mentions that before her fans were Bianca Belair’s, but she realized that she had to change the colors so as not to sink into the company. The Raw Women’s Champion asks her rival to shut up, and tells her that the only reason her character didn’t work was because she wasn’t authentic like her. She later indicates that it took ‘Role Model’ more than a year to come up with a plan to go against her, while she doesn’t need those things since her strength is enough for her.

Upon hearing these words, Bayley begins to laugh because she makes it known that her girls do not agree with that. Next, she is shown as the members of Damage CTRL attack Asuka and Alexa Bliss. The fighters who will face each other in Extreme Rules exchange blows until Bianca Belair manages to flee only to see Asuka crying in the dressing room because of the damage they did to her leg with a chair. In the face of all this damage, Alexa Bliss challenges IYO SKY to a match for later.

The next contest of the night will be between Solo Sikoa and Angelo Dawkins.

  • Solo Sikoa defeats Angelo Dawkins with a Spinning Solo. During the match, Sami Zayn and Jey Uso intervened, but distracted their partner from The Bloodline.

Meanwhile backstage, Austin Theory congratulates Otis on his win tonight and they wonder about Chad Gable. Gable himself appears at that moment, obviously knocked out, stating that he has already defeated Braun Strowman. On the other hand, Mr. Money in the Bank makes it known that he still has issues with Johnny Gargano, so he will face him next week at the Monday Night Raw Premiere.

Through a pre-recorded video, Edge appears, who says that he has been sincere for both the fans and his family since he returned to fight. He reveals that he knows what he has to do at Extreme Rules and sends a message to Finn Bálor telling him that no matter how much punishment he receives from The Judgment Day he will never get him to give up.

The main event of Monday Night Raw stars Alexa Bliss and IYO SKY.

  • IYO SKY defeats Alexa Bliss with a Moonsault.

Once the fight was over, the members of Damage CTRL attacked Bianca Belair, Asuka and Alexa Bliss and then climbed a ladder raising the Raw Women’s Championship and the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship.

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WWE RAW Results October 3, 2022