WWE Monday Night RAW: Coverage and Results for August 23, 2021

Monday night raw opens with a review of the main moments: the return of Becky lynch, the defeat of Goldberg and the confrontation between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

Bobby Lashley arrives at the ring accompanied by Mvp. “I want to clarify what happened on Saturday at SummerSlam,” MVP begins by saying. He acknowledges the extraordinary career of Goldberg, although he considers that now it is not so extraordinary. “Some men have beaten Goldberg, but only one stopped him, and that’s Bobby Lashley. He gave up, and that makes him a coward,” he shoots later. Regarding the attack on Gage Goldberg, he says Lashley reacted as he would against anyone who jumped the barricade.

Damian Priest interrupts his speech. He asks MVP if he is calling Goldberg a coward for getting injured in combat, and if he thinks he is stronger for threatening the public. “I am not afraid of you, nor will I attack you from behind. I come face to face to challenge you a fight, hand to hand, tonight”, Damian launches. “If you don’t accept this challenge, you are the coward,” he says and makes Bobby explode. Lashley throws the first blows, but Priest responds with a kick that sends him backward. MVP accepts the challenge on behalf of Bobby.

Bobby Lashley (w / MVP) vs. Damian Priest
Lashley takes the initiative and lashes out at Priest. Damian stops him with a kick and hits several more punches. Sheamus appears out of nowhere and attacks Priest.
Winner by disqualification: Damian Priest.

Lashley and Sheamus attack Priest together. Drew McIntyre comes to the rescue! Drew quickly takes care of Sheamus and then takes Lashley out of the ring. Drew takes care of Bobby by throwing him in Suplex against the commentary table, while Damian throws Sheamus over the barricade.

Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley & Sheamus
Priest and Sheamus trade blows when they return from commercials. Relays for both sides, Lashley corners Drew and maintains control. Sheamus fights again with Priest, who applies a Falcon Arrow to him for the count of two. Bobby distracts Damian and then punishes him at ringside against the post. After the break, Sheamus applies a Body Slam to Damian and together with Bobby keeps him away from his corner. Drew manages to enter but Bobby stops him with a Spinebuster. The champion charges but collides with the post, having to make the tag. Drew and Sheamus grapple on the heights, Sheamus’ White Noise on a count of two. Priest enters and charges against both rivals. Knee Strike of Sheamus and falls next to Damian after the blow. Lashley leaves the match. Drew’s claymore!
Winners: Damian Priest & Drew McIntyre.

Doudrop is interviewed backstage. “I made a mistake joining Eva Marie when she arrived. She thought it would make me feel bad with this name, but no, she is who I am now,” Doudrop said when Eva Marie He attacks her with a trunk. He smashes his face against the box several times and leaves the place.

Karrion Kross vs. Ricochet
Kross dominates from the start of the match. Ricochet responds with a Springboard Crossbody and several kicks. Karrion dodges and knocks him down with a hard Clothesline. Brutal Suplex and Cross Jacket to make Ricochet perform.
Winner: Karrion Kross.

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