WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | live results

WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022.— WWE is back in Saudi Arabia for his eighth event in these lands, again at the stadium where the first Crown Jewel was held in 2018 (stadium formerly called King Saud University Stadium). The star clash will be a duel in which Roman Reigns will expose the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship in view of logan paula highly mediatic fight, despite Paul’s slim chance of being victorious. The action of Crown Jewel is issued from Mrsool Parkin Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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WWE Crown Jewel 2022

WWE Crown Jewel 2022.

After an hour of the Kickoff, where the fights that will take place on this evening were analyzed, Crown Jewel began with the first fight, announcing that it would be between Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley.

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WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | Live results | Roman Reigns vs. logan paul

1. Brock Lesnar vs. bobby lashley

Lashley didn’t even allow Lesnar to enter the ring who began attacking him outside and speared him against the barrier again. In the ring, the All Mighty hit him with a second one, but Lesnar still had the strength. Lashley was looking for the Hurt Lock, but Lesnar blocked it and began to take it to Suplex City, although Lashley resisted the F5 and charged again. Lashley insisted on a Hurt Lock, but Brock resisted and had to improvise.

The end

Using his weight, Brock flattened Lashley on his back and took the win.

  • It started well, with the strength expected of both.
  • The final sequence, despite the fact that this gives rise to a third confrontation.

After the match, Lashley set Lesnar up with the Hurt Lock to show him that he’s not done with him yet.

During Alexa Bliss and Asuka’s interview prior to their match, the image of the Bray Wyatt logo appeared.

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WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | Live results | Roman Reigns vs. logan paul

2. WWE Couples Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss and Asuka vs. Damage CTRL

This was last Monday’s rematch on Raw, where Alexa and Asuka dethroned Dakota and Iyo for the titles. Although the challengers took advantage early, Alexa was able to neutralize Dakota, who was really having a hard time. Iyo Sky entered, but she was dominated by Asuka, who also took her turn, in a first opening of the confrontation between the Japanese. The champions looked in control during the first minutes. However, Damage CTRL took advantage of Asuka’s carelessness to send her out of the ring, focusing her punishment on the Japanese’s right knee, managing to isolate her for several minutes. Alexa finally got her turn and managed to neutralize the champions for a bit, but Iyo recovered and the action turned back and forth. Alexa eventually landed a Twisted Bliss on Dakota, but was kneed; Iyo missed a Moonsault and Asuka took care of her. Alexa seemed about to finish Dakota off, but Nikki Cross appeared out of nowhere and applied The Purge on her.

The end

Dakota only covered Alexa and we had new champions.

  • Good fight, and with plenty of time to show up.
  • Why did they make the headline change on Raw?
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WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | Live results | Roman Reigns vs. logan paul

3. Cage fight: Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross

Contrary to what we saw in Extreme Rules, where the stipulation greatly conditioned the fight, McIntyre and Kross had greater freedom to give everything and the intensity was consistent with the rivalry they had. Kross took control early on, but McIntyre slowly recovered and managed to show some of his arsenal, though that didn’t stop Kross either, who countered with a Kross Jacket attempt. Once McIntyre was neutralized, Kross tried to climb out, but McIntyre intercepted him and applied a Superplex, after which he tried to escape, unsuccessfully thanks to Scarlett who sprayed pepper spray in his face and gave her husband the opportunity to escape, although the Scotsman prevented him from getting it and they both remembered to fight again. Scarlett made sure McIntyre didn’t get out by sealing the door and keeping the keys. McIntyre decided to climb.

The end

Despite Kross’ attempts, McIntyre hit the ground first and won.

  • It started very well and with great intensity.
  • Another weird ending. Legal, but rare for the type of combat that merited something else.
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WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | Live results | Roman Reigns vs. logan paul

4. The Judgment Day v. The OC

In a not minor fact, during the presentation of The OC, Michael Cole spoke of their past in Bullet Club and NJPW. Those of the OC started in a good way, with Gallows prevailing thanks to his size, and combining in a good way with AJ Styles, although they did not neglect Rhea Ripley, who has been a decisive factor in this rivalry. Anderson entered, but was eventually isolated by the Judgment Day trio, until eventually Gallows had to come to the rescue and clean house. Priest also did something similar for his team after saving Dominik from a certain Magic Killer. Eventually, they all entered until Bálor and Styles were left in the ring with the former dominating, but he couldn’t apply his shot thanks to Styles, although the others eventually arrived and we had a triple suplex in the ring. Ripley was decisive once again by attacking Styles outside the ring without the referee seeing.

The end

With the Coup de Grace, Bálor scored the victory for his team.

  • Gallows and Priest, the MVPs of their teams.

WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | Live results | Roman Reigns vs. logan paul


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WWE CROWN JEWEL 2022 | live results