There is a belief that Vince McMahon is still linked to WWE

Vince McMahon resigned from his WWE obligations at the end of July, leaving his responsibilities at Stephanie McMahon Y Nick Khanand in Triple H in the creative part. This, as a result of the fact that last June it was revealed that he secretly paid a former employee of the company to keep him silent, although later investigations revealed that he ended up costing the company the amount of $19 million. Many wonder if, as a result of this whole situation, the 77-year-old man will return to the company, of which he is still the main shareholder.

Vince McMahon-WWE

► Sgt. Slaughter believes that Vince McMahon is still linked to WWE

Since he retired, Vince McMahon had made very few public appearances, and it has been Triple H who runs the show behind the scenes, with Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan taking the reins from the other business aspects, and WWE is moving “like clockwork.”

However the Sgt. Slaughter he believes that things could be a little different from popular knowledge (and official versions). In a recent interview with bill pterthe WWE Hall of Famer said that believes Vince McMahon is still involved with WWE because there is no way to keep him away given his knowledge of the business.

I feel like he Vince McMahon is still there and there is no way to keep him away in regards to your knowledge of the business. If it weren’t for his knowledge, many of us wouldn’t be doing the things we’re doing today. I wish you all the best. He has always been a good friend to me. And then he became a boss, and then a friend again. To me, he was a part of my life and that’s why I’m sitting here talking to you, along with Harley Race.”

Vince McMahon - WWE RAW
Vince McMahon – WWE RAW

The belief that Vince McMahon is still running the show seems a bit of a stretch considering the number of changes made under Triple H’s regime; however, The Game may have received some advice from his mother-in-law, considering that he spent four decades at the helm of WWE, revolutionizing the industry as we know it today.

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There is a belief that Vince McMahon is still linked to WWE