The Rock claims that he is the real “Head of the Table”

Both Samoan week after week also on Raw and SmackDown must lead sooner or later to the Samoan with capital letters in the history of WWE: rock. There is not much left to start the road to WrestleMania 39and there, It is noted that “The People’s Champ” will face Roman Reigns as the star of the event.

Of course, in his recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, The Rock was not very combative when asked if he “recognized” (“acknowledge”, referring to Reigns and his usual catchphrase) to The Bloodlines.

“Of course yes! It’s my family. I believe that those guys are doing a great job and I think: what an interesting change the company has gone through this year, unexpected in many ways. But when unexpected things happen in that way, shape, and fashion, especially in that business, you have to have the skill and the agility to pivot, and they do. Roman, I think you’re doing a good job and so do the guys. The Uses also”.


► The Rock saves any confirmation

and following with his promotional round for the premiere of the film Black Adam, The Rock answered another question before the microphones of AND! News The Rundown: Who is the real ‘Head of the Table?

“Who is the ‘Head of the Table’? Without saying any names, you’re looking into his eyes right now.

The interviewer, Erin Lim Rhodes, wanted to know then if such words confirmed a clash The Rock vs. Roman Reigns. “The Great One”, laughing, he said the following.

«I will not confirm, Not at all. Nerd. I know I’m going to get a text from you after I see this.

Finally, Rhodes questioned “Rocky” about the possibility that he would win the WWE Championship again one day.

«I love the idea of ​​a WrestleMania. I am close with many people there, but I am very close with one person in particular, and we have talked about this. There are many variables involved. I am a fan because I have the soul of a promoter. I am a fan of promoting an event and how it could be. I love WrestleMania and I love that word.

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The Rock claims that he is the real “Head of the Table”