Roman Reigns vs John Cena | WWE SummerSlam 2021: winner, results and summary

SummerSlam, John Cena, Goldberg, Roman Regins, Seth Rollins, Charlotte Flair, Bianca Belair… the ingredients for the menu were perfect and the night did not disappoint anyone.

Results of the main card of WWE SummerSlam 2021

WWE SummerSlam 2021 Results

Roman Reigns retained the Universal Championship against John Cena: What a brooch! John Cena had not fought for more than 500 days, but he proved his legendary status. Reigns is a solid champion who pushed him to the limit, but he endured everything that came to him and knew how to put him in trouble (he even broke a table with his body). It was a very intense fight that Reigns took after two Fists of Superman and a lance in a row. It was time to applaud Cena, but it all exploded when Brock Lesnar returned to WWE and faced Roman. The blood did not reach the river, but it was not enough to leave us all wanting more.

Bobby Lashley kept the WWE Championship against Goldberg: Combat that left everyone cold. Goldberg put in a good starting performance, he complicated the impregnable champion… and when he was down, MVP saved Bobby. First he took him out of the ring to avoid receiving a spear and then the champion’s representative attacked him with his cane on one leg. From there, with a clear advantage, he only had to keep attacking him. At the end of the lawsuit, Lashley attacked Goldberg with a chair. The son of the legend came out to stop the attack and ended up subdued with Lashley’s final lock. This is not so.

Edge beat Seth Rollins: One of the combats, without a doubt, of the night. The harshness was extreme between the two. They wanted to and it showed. Seth ruthlessly punished Edge, searching for his neck. When it seemed that everything was sentenced, Edge managed to save a stomp that would have been the end. From there, he managed to link two keys. The last one, on Seth’s neck and hands, gave him victory. He wanted revenge for something that happened in 2014. He finally had his revenge.

Charlotte Flair was proclaimed the new Raw women’s champion by defeating Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley: The fourteenth reign of Flair came in a great fight. Nikki showed again that although she is less physical than many of her rivals, she can talk face to face with anyone. Chalortte and Ripley focused too much on their squabbles and it gave Nikki air. Little by little, fatigue and harshness took their toll. That made the turns constant. Charlotte tried a Figure 8 with Rhea, Nikki saved her, tried to fly, but failed. Flair did not hesitate, he applied that Figure 8 to the one who was the champion and the belt changed hands. Incontestable triumph. Another magical night for the ‘Queen’.

Drew McIntyre beat Jinder Mahal: Drew McIntyre makes it clear that he is a candidate for everything. Mahal, and his henchmen, cost him his options at Money in the Bank. He wanted revenge and he had it in a fight in which the Indian had his little moment, but as soon as the Scotsman took a breath and took out all his power … there was no color. Two different leagues.

Becky Lynch is the new SmackDown champion by beating Bianca Belair: One of the most exciting segments of the night. Sasha Banks, scheduled against Belair, was unable to fight. The authority put Carmella, but Becky Lynch reappeared after being a mother and eliminated Mella from the equation. He asked for a starting opportunity and Bianca gave it to him. Lynch offered his hand to hit Bianca, she stung and hit her. From there, the Irishwoman slammed her to the ground and with a count of three she won. On her last day in WWE, the day after WrestleMania 37, she resigned from the Raw Championship and returned, more than a year later becoming champion again.

The Usos (Jimmy and Jey Uso) held the SmackDown Tag Team Championships against Rey and Dominik Mysterio: Solid defense of the Uso. They won without a doubt. They hurt Dominik first and then Rey. They had a bad time, especially with Rey who showed why he is a legend … but it was not enough. Mysterio had very touched both rivals. He flew from the third rope after a 619, but they received him with the knees and after a great teamwork of the brothers they achieved the victory.

Damian Priest is the new United States champion by beating Sheamus: WWE will visit Puerto Rico and will do so with Damian Priest, from that country, as champion. Priest had to suffer. Sheamus had him in serious trouble, but Damian reacted in time. He snapped off a large padlock, removed the Irishman’s protective mask from his face and slaughtered him in no time to lift his first belt on the main roster.

Alexa Bliss beat Eva Marie: Bliss was far superior. Marie was only able to have options by capitalizing on the few mistakes Alexa made. Beyond slapping Lilly, as Eva Marie did. When finished, Drewdrop scoffed at his defeat. It seems that Eva was left without a squire.

RKBro (Randy Orton and Matt Riddle) were proclaimed Raw Tag Team Champions against AJ Styles & Omos: The RKBro are here to stay. They reconciled on Monday and this Saturday they achieved their first reign together. Riddle knew how to suffer and Orton clinched. Omos was a tough stumbling block to clear, but Riddle did it by slamming him against one of the ring posts. Styles was going to take care of Orton, but the ‘Viper’, with a quick movement applied an RKO that caused the change of hands of the belts.

WWE SummerSlam 2021 kickoff results

Big E defeated Baron Corbin: Baron Corbin’s adventure with the Money in the Bank briefcase is over. He stole it from Big E last week and tried to take advantage of it, but E wouldn’t let him. He had a mistake and suffered, but when he saw that Corbin wanted to leave with his briefcase, he went with everything to get him. He slammed him against a barrier and then ironed him to victory and regain what is his.

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