Mandy Rose wins triple threat at WWE New Year’s Evil

Mandy rose has proven to be in his prime since his return to NXT, and tonight he has a tough challenge in a triple threat for his title, Cora Jade and Raquel Gonzales they plan to end his reign.

Raquel Gonzales and Cora Jade want to get the gold

From the past NXT Halloween Havoc where Mandy rose She was crowned the NXT Women’s Champion for the first time in her career by defeating Raquel Gonzales, Since then she has not stopped trying to get her championship back, another super star who wants to touch the gold is Cora Jade, who despite being new, wants to show that she is champion material, That is why tonight a threefold threat to know who comes out of there with the title.

In New Year’s Evil is given this great fight with Mandy being the first at a disadvantage Having two opponents to worry about, she still proves to be a fierce champion and manages to keep her two challenges aside, Raquel begins to demonstrate her physical superiority and throws Cora out of the ring, Mandy is shocked and try to give up the fight but Raquel stops him and they continue with the duel.

When it seemed that Raquel had the victory assured Cora returns to stop him, After fighting a duel, Raquel is out of the ring and Mandy is exposed, Cora tries to take advantage of this but Mandy invests it in a Roll-Up to get the victory, Mandy Rose continues her reign and her opponents stare in despair.

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Mandy Rose wins triple threat at WWE New Year’s Evil