Liv Morgan becomes the challenger for the RAW women’s title

Before teaming up for Survivor Series, tonight we will see the 5 members of the RAW women’s team fighting for a shot at the RAW women’s championship.

Fatal of 5 corners between members of the women’s team for a title opportunity

The RAW Women’s Survivor Series team is complete, the team is made up of half of the RAW Tag Team Champions Rhea Ripley, The EST Bianca Belair, Carmella, Queen Zelina and Liv Morgan, Even so, the authority had in mind to create a fight between the five to determine the next challenger for the RAW women’s championship against Becky Lynch, tonight we find out who’s next in line

The five competitors make their entrance and when they are all in the ring the fight begins, everything begins being total chaos and more taking advantage of the detail that there are no rules they can and do whatever they want in and out of the ring, when returning from commercials almost all the competitors are out of the ring and only Rhea Ripley and Bianca Belair go hand in hand to show their supremacy, Amas measure their strength and exchange blows until Queen Zelina and Carmella return to subdue these strong exponents.

The alliance between Zelina and Carmella works and they torture Rhea Ripley, this is how things continue until finally Liv Morgan recovers and returns to combat, this punishes Zelina and especially Carmella and begins to take control of the fight, Bianca Belair rejoins and devastates her opponents This while Rhea Ripley is weakened, we still see a duel between them.

Rhea Ripley connects her Riptide, Liv interferes and also Bianca comes to oppose the account of 3, when The EST is about to become the winner Doudroop interrupts pulling her out of the ring, Carmella tries to take advantage of this but Liv does a roll-up, 1 2 3 Liv Morgan becomes challenger for the RAW women’s championship, after this Becky Lych raises the title and Liv stands in front of her showing that she is not afraid of her.

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Liv Morgan becomes the challenger for the RAW women’s title