Kevin Owens mentions his contract status with WWE on Monday Night Raw

During the broadcast of Monday night raw, Kevin Owens intervened in the meeting between Big E and Seth Rollins in the ring. The Canadian fighter made mention of what happened the previous week and asked to face Big E because they had never met before in the ring. The champion accepted the challenge and urged a non-title match in the main event.

However, there was a detail that many overlooked, and that is that Kevin Owens indirectly mentioned the length of his current contract with WWE during his promo.. Owens mentioned that he will continue to fight “for either three more months or three more years.” This comment refers to the end of his contract in January 2022. So far, it is known that Owens has not renewed with the company and is likely to receive some kind of push in the coming months to try to convince him.

In the stellar event, Kevin Owens lost to Big E. Seth Rollins made his intervention in the final moments and hit Big E on the head, at which point Owens tried to make the count without success. Big E took advantage of that moment, made a bridge and achieved the victory for the count of three.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens next week

After the match, Kevin Owens took the mic and challenged Seth Rollins to a match on Monday Night Raw next week. Owens assured that he did not see the action of Seth Rollins and apologized to Big E who, apparently, accepted the apology but, finally, decided to apply the Big Ending. It is likely that, with this action, WWE wants to turn the story around and decide to place Kevin Owens as one of Big E’s next tough rivals. For now, WWE has confirmed the fight between Rollins and Owens for next Monday.

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Kevin Owens mentions his contract status with WWE on Monday Night Raw