Jimmy Smith suspected WWE dismissal due to Triple H’s mistake

As we have already reported here in SUPER FIGHTSTriple H made a roll in the commentators table from both Raw and SmackDown and NXT, and that led to the surprise firing of Jimmy Smithrenowned MMA and boxing commentator who came to WWE in May 2021.

“I just wanted to say, now that the story is officially out, my time with WWE is officially over. I had a lot of fun and met some great people. Really and truly impressed by the acceptance of WWE fans! You guys make it work every week and your enthusiasm was incredible!”

Jimmy Smith commenting on Raw with Corey Graves and Byron Saxton

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Smith came to the company at the hands of Nick Khan, who convinced Vince McMahon that having a sports commentator with a certain reputation would give WWE more legitimacy.

And while McMahon didn’t like his job the first few weeks, he quickly settled in and the fans started to accept him too. Lately, fans in general loved his work. Nevertheless, Hunter had other plans, and he’d known about them since last Monday, only he kept them from Smith.

This was revealed by the also expeller of MMA in the most recent edition of his podcast Unlocking the Cagewhere he pointed out that Triple H got a few words that hours later made him suspect that he would be fired:

Triple H on WWE SmackDown (07/10/2022) / WWE
Triple H on WWE SmackDown (07/10/2022) / WWE

“Triple H accidentally told me before the show last Monday. He messed up and inadvertently told me about the commentary table changes. He didn’t mean to tell me… What happened was that we were in a production meeting before the show, and they told us that Seth Rollins was going to say the line of: “Only Daniel Cormier and I can hate Matt Riddle that much.”

«No one understood him, and being the boy who came from MMA, I only managed to say that Cormier was a guy very close to the establishment, to the UFC company and that Riddle has been highly critical of the ‘little money’ MMA fighters are paid.

«But, I didn’t stay with that and I went to talk to Matt Riddle and he told me that it was related to that he had been able to beat Jon Jones twice in Olympic wrestling, something Cormier could never donor in MMA and hence Cormier’s hatred of Riddle’.

Jimmy Smith/UFC
Jimmy Smith as a commentator for the UFC

«I told Triple H and he said: ‘Okay, cool. Give that note to Michael Cole.’ And I just kept thinking about why would I have to give that information, which I had obtained, to Cole, if I was going to narrate the fight on Saturday …

«Then, I thought: ‘Oh, I’m not going to narrate the fight on Saturday.’ And later I realized: ‘Oh, I’m probably fired.’ So basically I did the entire Raw show that Monday night. knowing that it was going to be my last Raw, and that he was no longer going to comment on WWE. So when I got the call on Tuesday to inform me of my termination, I wasn’t particularly surprised.”

Jimmy Smith

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Jimmy Smith suspected WWE dismissal due to Triple H’s mistake