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During the last few hours there have been many WWE news that have highlighted the way in which the company has been seen to continue generating surprises. In this case, WWE wrestler Aj Styles was involved in another unexpected surprise when he was attacked by a hooded fighter.

Identity of the intruder revealed

Many are wondering who the wrestler or intruder is who tried to attack Styles himself while he was in his last tag team match with United States Champion Bobby Lashley. Many wondered who could be the person who was captured in time by the police themselves.

A user on social networks revealed the identity of the intruder in the latest program of the red mark. No one knew who it could be, nor the reasons for trying to attack Styles himself.

The first man they took away was dressed in black. “The Local Competitor” noted on Twitter that the man who chased Styles was Rajan Husher, who trains at the Battle Arts Academy.

He was arrested in time and nobody knows the possible consequence that it may have in the future. Because if he continues his story, it would be a point in favor for the program that continues to reveal surprises to keep the attention of the entire public. Not only that, many are enthusiastic about the new ideas of the company.

There are several comebacks and spots that allow all kinds of fans to enjoy each program presented by WWE. Another of the attacks that came out successfully was that of Dexter Lumis himself who took Miz himself before the eyes of the cameras. No one knows where Miz is.

Now all that remains is to know his next step, before the kidnapping of the Miz, Styles may be the next captured by the hooded men on the Raw program.

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Identity of the intruder in WWE Raw – Planet Wrestling