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The most recent episode of Monday Night RAW (See coverage and results WWE RAW May 23, 2022) ended with a fight between becky lynch Y Asuka. While the match was good, there was one element that really bothered Vince Russo.

Becky and Asuka starred in the Red Show for the second week in a row

‘Big Time Becks’ and ‘The Empress of Tomorrow’ had a new confrontation in the main event of the last RAW, because after Asuka defeated Lynch last week to become the number one challenger for the Brand Women’s Championship. owned by Bianca Belair, the Irish decided to talk to Adam Pearce yesterday to give her a rematch.

The WWE Official agreed and gave Becky a new fight against the Japanese with a special stipulation: If ‘Big Time Becks’ won, she would be included in the fight for the Championship. so it happenedLynch managed to defeat Asuka and has been included in the title contest, being so At Hell in a Cell we will have a triple threat match for the RAW Women’s Championship between Bianca Belair (C), Asuka and Becky Lynch.

Vince Russo criticizes the end of WWE RAW

After Becky’s victory, the cameras focused on Asuka’s face, who was crying. This did not please the former WWE head writer in the least, who in Sportskeeda’s ‘Legion of RAW’ referred to the problem of booking a babyface in this way:

«Think about this brother: Why is the babyface crying after he lost the fight? I have never seen that before in my life. The babyface, Asuka, is crying after the heel beat her. Is that a babyface? No, that’s a crybaby! Crybabies are not babyfaces! What are we doing here? Why does she cry after a loss, brother? Why?”

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Former writer strongly criticizes the end of WWE RAW – Planet Wrestling