Dana Brooke explodes against Corey Graves for comments made on WWE Raw

Dana Brooke played a new match in WWE last night on Monday Night Raw. He faced Shayna Baszler and fell in just over a minute, despite starting the fight with great intensity. Baszler achieved victory by submission using the Kirifuda Clutch.

During combat, Corey Graves, one of the Monday Night Raw commentators, made some comments that apparently did not sit well with the fighter. Serious noted that Dana Brooke needed to cut her losing streak in WWE and that she ‘hasn’t accomplished much’ in the company. This moment was disclosed by a fan who posted on video on Twitter. You can see it below.

Allegedly, Dana Brooke has addressed Corey Graves through her official Instagram account in a post in the stories gallery. Several fans reminded her of Graves’ comments on Raw and she replied that she cannot be aware of what each one says and, in principle, downplayed it. However, supposedly, called Corey Graves a ‘clown’ and reminded him that he can still watch it on TV every week.

“You can’t stop and throw rocks at every barking dog. ONCE you entertain a clown, YOU BECOME ONE. YOU, THE CLOWN. I AM THE QUEEN I KEEP PUSHING! SEE HOW I WORK, “wrote Dana Brooke on Instagram

Anecdotally, Dana Brooke has fought 18 official bouts in 2021. Since January, in singles and other bouts, Brooke has achieved 5 wins and suffered 13 losses. In 2020, he fought 22 matches, won 10 and lost 12.

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