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Today we had an interesting billboard within the programming of the red mark WWE RAW with some good fights. See coverage and live results WWE RAW August 30. Nevertheless, there was a controversial fight within RAW starring two women.

Controversial fight in WWE RAW

Tonight we had several female fights that were not entirely relevant, but there was one that captured the attention of several fans due to the development of it. The fight we are talking about is Nia Jax vs Charlotte Flair. This is because there was a time when the fight became notoriously slow and out of sync. We were even able to observe for a few seconds an exchange of blows that seemed, in a way, real due to the null sale between the two.

On the other hand, very striking situations also occurred and criticized by various fans on social networks. And now we are talking about the various attacks or keys that Nia Jax made towards Charlotte Flair during the combat, since it was possible to show again the little care that Nia Jax has towards her co-workers. For example, during the course of their fight Nia Jax lifted Charlotte high to finally drop her very hard in a bad way.

Let’s remember that Nia Jax is mostly known for being someone certainly dangerous in the ring and has within her history various blows that caused great injuries to her teammates. Some names of these companions are Becky Lynch, Kaire Sane, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, Alexa Bliss, and Zelina Vega. Even R-Truth himself made known his annoyance after the heavy attacks he suffered at the hands of Nia Jax during Royal Rumble 2019.

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