Brock Lesnar skipped the script during WWE Elimination Chamber

during the last hours WWE news have highlighted the end of WWE Elimination Chamber pay-per-view in which we have had the coronation of a new champion WWE Raw Red Mark in which WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar He took an important victory prior to his opportunity in the great event.

Brock Lesnar skips the script

During the main event of the PPV in Saudi Arabia we saw how the WWE champion was not able to defend his championship inside the camera. So much so that after the big blow caused by Rollins’ bombing with Theory, he hit the champion.

A blow that left him damaged and that meant his exit from the chamber. At the time it was the champion’s turn to come out, he looked surprisingly like Brock Lesnar broke his elimination chamber. Something that surprised the rest of the competitors. reported that Lesnar legitimately broke down his pod door to get into the match and that it was not a planned venue. Which confirms the script change and the surprising action that left all his rivals wide-eyed at a change of script.

Everything is explained with the completion of the PPV ten minutes earlier than expected. An ending that left a bitter taste after what had been seen all night. In one of the shortest cameras in history, Brock was seen continuously applying F5, which was the end of his rivals.

The first was Rollins. Followed by Aj Styles, followed by Riddle. Three men eliminated in less than a minute which meant the end between Vince’s spoiled child and the most established face of the company. A bittersweet ending that leaves Brock again at the top of the company and closing the monthly event in Arabia.

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Brock Lesnar skipped the script during WWE Elimination Chamber