Bobby Lashley gives his opinion on Hurt Business in WWE – Planeta Wrestling

The almighty allowed us a series of opinions to our questions on the London live show. In fact this year he has been champion of the red mark defeating back to back with Drew McIntyre. But everything changed the moment Big E exchanged the briefcase and became the face of WWE.

A new meeting in Hurt Business

A fracture that was frowned upon within the company and all the fans. Their separation was a deplorable pointless story in which Shelton and Cedric fought on Raw. After months missing from the main roster they returned on a weekly show to bring Bobby the win.

This was asked of Bobby in London. The leader’s opinion after defeating them both at the same time and trusting them again after so much trouble. Talking with Alex McCarthy from TalkSPORT , Lashley explained the reason behind their separation and reunion.

“We just need to have a little group discussion. Back when the group was first formed, we would eat and drink after each show at a local bar. Strategies on chicken wings and a beer. For me, those were some of the best moments of my career. Because these guys are actually my friends. I like these guys, I want to be around them, I talk to them. I want us to be successful and to be together. The crowd felt it, knew it was really and really behind it. “ , said.“Do you have a brother or a sister? Many times when you have siblings, you have fights and you are so angry, but the next thing you know, you are back hanging out and playing. Nobody asks’ How did you do it? Guys get back together! ‘It is so. I have friends that I consider my brothers. The Boogeyman is one of those – I really hope it returns at some point. He and I will fight like ‘man, I don’t want to talk to you!’ we get furious. The next day it’s like ‘hey, are you ready to go exercise? Yes, fuck you too ‘ [risas] And then we are going to exercise! little discussions and that, but we get back together. “

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Bobby Lashley gives his opinion on Hurt Business in WWE – Planeta Wrestling