Bianca Belair talks about her current situation within WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling

One of the great promises of the women’s division in the next few years it is the EST Bianca Belair. Despite seriously harming his character after losing his belt in 26 seconds continues to talk. His physical potential in the ring has set a trend, something that shows his future in WWE.

Bianca thinks about the challenger to the title

Speaking to Sports Illustrated, Bianca emphasized the importance of encouraging others when they are having their moment and waiting patiently for yours to return. She knows that her moment with the spotlight is over and it is time for another woman to fight to take her place.

The winner and who seems to be the next to get a big push is Liv Morgan. The fighter who is already a veteran and she has survived from a faction where her two companions were fired or abandoned ship. Becky is the right rival for Liv who has been prepared for a long time.

“I’m very excited for Liv Morgan”, says Belair, who defeated Morgan in Sunday’s Tribute to the Troops. Right now, I’m out of the title image. When it’s not your time, you should give applause to those who earned that spot. That’s what Liv has done, and I can’t wait to see her against Becky. “

Bianca is immersed in a new rivalry with Doudrop. The woman who will come from the hand of Eva Marie but who has a lot of history within the independents. For her part, it’s easy to think that Bianca is ready for any challenge.

“It’s going to be a fun rivalry and I’m excited to see where it goes,” says Belair . “People will see a different side of Doudrop and I want to continue to grow my legacy with everything I do. I want my name to appear the same way that people talk about the Four Horsemen. Doudrop and I are bringing something new to Raw. It’s going to be a different dynamic. “

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Bianca Belair talks about her current situation within WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling