Busy week: volleyball, basketball, Libertadores, Copa Argentina, Messi and more

1661800809 Busy week volleyball basketball Libertadores Copa Argentina Messi and more

This Monday started a week that will be very full of sports throughout the planet and in which there will be Argentine participation for all tastes. The volleyball and basketball teams, Velez in the Libertadores River in the Argentine Cupdate during the week in several European leagues with the PSG of Leo Messi included and … Read more

Our drivers at the Santafesino Car Show. Date Coastal League Soccer, Newcom. Chess onwards. Volley of 1a; and basketball.

Our drivers at the Santafesino Car Show Date Coastal League

Newcom’s Encounter Sunday, May 15 at Club Atlético Adelante Reconquista, at 09:30. Organizes Undersecretary of Sports through the Area of ​​Adults and Older Adults. It is an adaptation of volleyball where the ball is not hit, but is caught and thrown over the net. Mixed teams in Categories Baby’s (up to 49 years old), Senior … Read more

Russia marginalized from world sport: basketball, tennis, volleyball, boxing, athletics and rugby were added

1646222547 Russia marginalized from world sport basketball tennis volleyball boxing athletics

Days after the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the first bombardments of the capital Kiev and other cities, the International Olympic Committee recommended that “Russian or Belarusian athletes or officials are not invited or allowed to participate in competitions around the world”who should be accepted only as “neutral athletes or teams.” The international … Read more