Franco Harris, All-Star Running Back, Steelers Legend, Dies

Franco Harris All Star Running Back Steelers Legend Dies

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – The Minnesota Vikings are back in the playoffs, winning the NFC North division title in historic fashion on Saturday. The Vikings rallied from a 33-point halftime deficit to stun the Colts, 39-36, in overtime at a raucous US Bank Stadium. The 33-point comeback is the greatest in NFL history. Saturday’s shock result … Read more

Governor Unzueta recognizes basketball champions and Kick Boxing athletes – La Marca del Beni

The Houston Texans become the first NFL team to sell

The athletes thanked the first authority of the department, committing to continue training, defending the colors of Beni, in national championships. The governor of Beni, Dr. Alejandro Unzueta Shiriqui, on Monday presented awards to the champion U-16 basketball team, ladies, who rose to the elite level and to Kick Boxing athletes, who made an excellent … Read more

The Chargers open as expected: strong and passing over a division rival, the Raiders

Josh Allen puts the past behind him and focuses on

Los Angeles, California.- The Chargers entered the season as the favorite that a majority points to as a contender in the American Conference. In its debut, the California team cruised past one of its Western Division rivals, the Las Vegas Raiders, 24-19. A season ago, quarterback Justin Herbert threw a franchise-record 38 touchdown passes during … Read more

Josh Allen puts the past behind him and focuses on the opening game against the Rams

Josh Allen puts the past behind him and focuses on

Coach Juan Pablo Fentanes announced the definitive list of those summoned to the team that will represent Baja California and Northwest Mexico, within the National U17 American Football Championship in Chihuahua City. All of them, as has been announced, come from the four teams that make up the Northwest Zone in the CONADEIP Single Premier … Read more

Pitbull Cruz belongs to the Major Leagues of boxing

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Isaac ‘Pitbull’ Cruz (24-2-1, 17 KO’s) is no longer up for supporting roles. He deserves starring roles, along with any champion at the 135-pound limit. No more no less. And they are not bells thrown to the sky for the impressive knockout he gave Eduardo ‘Zurdito’ Ramírez (27-3-3, 12 KO’s) on the night of Sunday, … Read more

Chargers vs. Chiefs, first Thursday Night on Prime Video

Chargers vs Chiefs first Thursday Night on Prime Video

Tijuana, Baja California.- A few hours before defining the scenarios for the playoffs, the LFA commissioner, Alejandro Jaimes, together with the president of Galgos, Miguel Torres Ley, announced that the Caliente Stadium will be the venue for the Tazón México v. The appearance of Galgos de Tijuana, with their tickets in these two games at … Read more

“It was a boxing match”

It was a boxing match

It was more than 90 minutes of intensity. Of shocks, of reactions. And goals. Four. Two for each team. Manchester City and Liverpool signed the tables. They offered everything, but they stayed as they were. With the light blue ones one point above the red ones. Something that left a bitter taste to Guardiola, that … Read more

This is what Floyd Mayweather looks like at age 45 boxing after a basketball game

1649469077 This is what Floyd Mayweather looks like at age 45

Floyd Mayweather Jr. showed off an intense boxing training session on a basketball court at the age of 45, after announcing his exhibition fight against Don Moore. During the session, which was published on social networks, he is seen with very good reflexes, performing maneuvers and accurately moving his waist and feet. Although he is … Read more

Boxing, running, soccer, swimming, taekwondo, shooting, tennis, basketball, enduro cross. This weekend different sports activities will take place. The agenda

1648224672 Boxing running soccer swimming taekwondo shooting tennis basketball enduro cross

From the Municipality of Reconquista they communicated that, this weekend, different activities will be organized within the framework of the celebrations of a new anniversary of the City, an event that will take place on Wednesday, April 27, and where the “Reconquista” Cup will be at stake. , 150 years foundation”. They all have the … Read more

More NFL Moves! Rams trade Robert Woods to the Tennessee Titans

More NFL Moves Rams trade Robert Woods to the Tennessee

Guadalajara, Jalisco.- Galgos de Tijuana experienced a complicated afternoon in their second game of the season in the Mexican Professional American Football League (LFA) in a visit to Reyes de Jalisco that ended up beating them 10-0 at Estadio Tres de March. Coach Guillermo Ruíz Burguete’s team had problems starting offensively, with a running game … Read more