Lakers make official the arrival of Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson

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Through social networks, Los Angeles confirmed the signing of the forward from the champions Golden State Warriors Officially, the forward Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson is a player of Los Angeles Lakers. This Friday night, through their social networks, the Lakers announced the arrival of the former player of the reigning NBA champions, Golden State Warriors. In … Read more

Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson contributes in the victory of the Golden State Warriors

Mexican Juan Toscano Anderson contributes in the victory of the Golden

Golden State took the second of the series against Boston, and the Mexican helped end the victory at the Chase Center with a pair of assists in the closing moments. The Mexican Juan Toscano-Anderson entered with 3:35 remaining in the second game of the NBA Finalswith victory for his team, the Golden State WarriorsOver the … Read more

NBA: Did Juan Toscano-Anderson break the Law of the Shield, Flag and National Anthem? | Video

NBA Did Juan Toscano Anderson break the Law of the Shield

Juan Toscano-Anderson participated in the NBA Slam Dunk Contestwhere he shone by placing second, and for his historic participation he wore the colors and shield of the national flag on his jersey and shoes, for which the basketball player, born in Oakland, but of Mexican parentscould face consequences, according to the Law of the Shield, … Read more