Mexicans in Europe, how was your season?

Mexicans in Europe how was your season

At ESPN we present you the count of what the season was like for each of the Mexicans in the Old Continent. The Mexicans in Europe closed one more season and in some cases the results were satisfactory, as they won titles and performed better than the rest, which could even catapult them to reach … Read more

How did the Mexican national teams that militate in Europe go?

How did the Mexican national teams that militate in Europe

We present the activity that the elements of the Tri that participate with European squads had this weekend After the activity of the teams on the FIFA Date, the Mexican elements that play in Europe returned to their clubs, but few were able to shine. Among those who stood out the most were Edson Álvarez, … Read more

Heartbreaking testimonies from Raúl Jiménez’s surroundings are revealed in the preview of a documentary about his injury

The documentary will premiere on November 20 on an English content platform and it will be available on the English club’s channels until December 8. The Walt Disney Company’s New General Entertainment and Sports Streaming Service for Adults Launches with a Preferential Annual Subscription Cost; Combo + also arrives, the competitive permanent commercial offer that … Read more

The 5 bankruptcies of Gerardo Martino

LOS ANGELES – Gerardo Martino’s hope is in Canada, where there are only igloos on the warpath. Another defeat will be Waterloo for this Napoleon of the 5 bankruptcies. The United States walled him up for the third time, now in Cincinnati. The MLS that he loves so much, has been the Delilah of this … Read more

United States vs. Mexico Which ‘Europeans’ arrive at the best time?

The American representative surpasses the Mexican in the number of elements that he has in the football of the Old Continent Mexico will visit USA in the most passionate and important duel of the Concacaf. The Tricolor goes with the goal of maintaining the first place of the octagonal of the qualifying rounds towards the … Read more

Jiménez and Herrera, among the candidates for Best Player in the World for the IFFHS

The Mexicans were considered the great stars of world football for the award given by the International Federation of History and Statistics The Mexicans Raul Jimenez and Hector Herrera appear among the candidates for Best player of the world Male named by the IFFHS of FIFA, along with great footballers such as the Polish Robert … Read more

Raúl Jiménez reaches 50 goals for Wolves against Everton, his favorite victim in the Premier League

Just the first goal for Raúl Jiménez in the Premier League and with Wolverhampton was against Everton on the opening day of the 2018/2019 season ENGLAND — Raul Jimenez reached 50 goals with him Wolverhampton before him Everton, a team that has already become the Mexican’s favorite victim in the Premier League, by marking him … Read more

Raúl Jiménez was able to close the cycle of his injury until he scored

A head injury sidelined Raúl Jiménez from playing with Wolves for more than eight months, but when he returned and scored, he closed a cycle Raúl Jiménez, Wolverhampton’s Mexican striker, confessed that the goal he scored against Southampton on September 26 was what he needed to put an end to the issue of the head … Read more

El Vasco and El Indiecito, for a booty bigger than the Concachampions

LOS ANGELES – Two ERs and a single healing potion. Thus the environment of the Final of the Concachampions between America and Monterrey. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring you the latest in Mexican soccer in a renewed show. Manzana | Spotify | Amazon | TuneIn | Podcenter El Nido already needs a trophy. Prolonged … Read more

The ‘poor’ America enriches the Liga Mx

LOS ANGELES – At the start of 2021, it was one of the least sought-after and lowest-priced teams in Mexican soccer. That of “Millonetas” remained an anecdote. And yet, America is the absolute leader of the 2021 Apertura Tournament, and is the only one directly classified in the Liguilla. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring … Read more