The 5 bankruptcies of Gerardo Martino

LOS ANGELES – Gerardo Martino’s hope is in Canada, where there are only igloos on the warpath. Another defeat will be Waterloo for this Napoleon of the 5 bankruptcies. The United States walled him up for the third time, now in Cincinnati. The MLS that he loves so much, has been the Delilah of this … Read more

Tata Martino and her two returns from the dead

CINCINNATI – Gerardo Martino has launched himself into two dark tunnels, in search of a little light. The ‘Tata’ has been submerged in the womb of two tragedies. The Nations League Final (USA 3-2) and the Gold Cup Final (USA 1-0). Martino has reviewed the videos. You have taken notes. He has figured out strategies. … Read more

Crime by suffocation, the strategy of the United States before El Tri

CINCINNATI – Press. Asphyxiate. To tight. Harass. And with more intelligence and concentration than with passion. This is how Tyler Adams (Leipzig, 22 years old) raises the torch as a summary strategy for the United States to victimize Mexico this Friday night. Tyler, one of the US captains, insists that they are prepared to achieve … Read more

For Martino, ‘nothing personal’, a key third game against the USA.

LOS ANGELES – Just a coach from the Mexican team has lost two official matches and in two finals (Nations League and Gold Cup) against USA: Gerardo Martino. Enrique Meza He fell twice in his process, but one of those games was friendly, the other in the icy hell of Columbus. The rest were marked, … Read more

El Vasco and El Indiecito, for a booty bigger than the Concachampions

LOS ANGELES – Two ERs and a single healing potion. Thus the environment of the Final of the Concachampions between America and Monterrey. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring you the latest in Mexican soccer in a renewed show. Manzana | Spotify | Amazon | TuneIn | Podcenter El Nido already needs a trophy. Prolonged … Read more

The ‘poor’ America enriches the Liga Mx

LOS ANGELES – At the start of 2021, it was one of the least sought-after and lowest-priced teams in Mexican soccer. That of “Millonetas” remained an anecdote. And yet, America is the absolute leader of the 2021 Apertura Tournament, and is the only one directly classified in the Liguilla. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring … Read more

America, the only reality of a tournament of little lies

LOS ANGELES – Mexican soccer lives on outbursts, rales, tantrums and absurdities. That, without a doubt, spreads it as if it were a casting for Chapulín Colorado. That sweetens with uncertainty a tournament of little lies such as the regular phase to spill into something a little more serious like the Repechage, where, true, four … Read more

Mexico reiterates: Qatar is close, the Fifth Game, further away

LOS ANGELES – True: Honduras goes through the deep and hard. True: as Canada evolves, the catrachos not only stagnate, they recede. But, it is also true that at least, for a few minutes, Mexico approached its best possible version, which reinstates it as the absolute leader of the Concacaf Octagonal Final. 3-0 over Honduras. … Read more

Mexico, much that transpires, little that inspires: 1-1 with Canada


LOS ANGELES – Push, Drag, Snort, Press, Over. But everything is muscle, everything is inertia, everything is brute force, There is little talent (as in the 1-0 of Jorge Sanchez), little idea, little sense, little strategic formula. Because, Mexico he rescues, amid boos, a result that arithmetically enriches, but in football terms, he summons doubts … Read more

America … That boring leader!


LOS ANGELES – It added two points out of nine possible and there was hysteria. “America is breaking down.” “America is falling apart.” The eventual misfortune of # ÓdiameMás awakens those haunting harpies. Rafa Ramos and Elizabeth Patiño bring you the latest in Mexican soccer in a renewed show. Manzana | Spotify | Amazon | … Read more