Raúl Jiménez was able to close the cycle of his injury until he scored

A head injury sidelined Raúl Jiménez from playing with Wolves for more than eight months, but when he returned and scored, he closed a cycle

Raúl Jiménez, Wolverhampton’s Mexican striker, confessed that the goal he scored against Southampton on September 26 was what he needed to put an end to the issue of the head injury he suffered for almost a year, in November 2020.

From the moment the Premier League started this year, being there playing again was already an incredible achievement for me, and then scoring a goal in that game, which was very nice, I will always remember him for being the first after what happened. In the end it is something that ended with the blow to the head ”, Jiménez acknowledged in an interview with his club.

“It was a long process, a difficult stage, I think that for any footballer it is difficult, it is complicated, but I knew how to get ahead. The support of my family, with Dani, thinking about my daughter Arya, all the support that people also gave me was an extra motivation to get ahead, “he added.

The ‘Lobo de Tepeji’ adds a goal and two assists so far this Premier League season and little by little he looks more complete in his actions. In addition, he has made a good dumbbell with South Korean Hwang Hee-Chan, who just arrived this season.

“Every time I feel better, helping the team more and more. I feel good, I feel happy with what I have done for the team, for what I have helped and I want to continue like this and we are starting, we have barely had the first part of it. that goes from the tournament so there is still a long way to go ”, he said.

On the other hand, Jiménez spoke about his return to the Mexican national team and confessed that it was good to put on the Tricolor shirt and dreams of being the seeded player for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

In September due to Covid-19, the Premier League did not let us travel. I also felt very good to change of scene because it is necessary, although I have a great time here and I have a great time with the team, it is always good to change the scene a bit to change the chip, “he declared.

We have 14 points and a difficult day on the next FIFA date, but we know that by making points there we have a practically tied ticket. We must also take into account that we are in ninth place (in the FIFA ranking), that we can still be the seed for the World Cup is something that has to be an extra motivation for all of us, to continue growing as a team, as footballers ”, sentenced.

Finally, Raúl Jiménez accepted that he is seen in Qatar 2022 scoring goals, but it is something that is taken with measure, although he is still excited about this issue. “I have dreamed of being there, of reaching the World Cup, of playing, yes I have thought about it, but once we are given, I will dream of the goals there ”, he concluded.


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Raúl Jiménez was able to close the cycle of his injury until he scored