A great contract for Isco

A great contract for Isco

Isco’s next step has yet to be decided, but he aims to continue in our league but it won’t be an immediate operation. Isco will go on vacation while he thinks about what to do with his future. With 30 years and the letter of freedom, will be able to calmly study what could be … Read more

Isco unleashes the rumors

1648411564 Isco unleashes the rumors

Taking advantage of the international national team break and the days of rest that have been granted Carlo Ancelotti to his players who have not been called up by their national teams, Isco took the opportunity to make an express getaway to Florence given that he must not return to Valdebebas until Monday for the … Read more

Pulido: “Ancelotti has deactivated Jovic, Bale, Mariano, Isco…”

Pulido Ancelotti has deactivated Jovic Bale Mariano Isco

Benzema has become the player around whom the entire Madrid attack revolves. His loss has brought, once again, the debate about what is the most appropriate solution to replace him. July Pulido points to Ancelotti as the “culprit” that before the loss of the French it is difficult to find a replacement: “This is indeed … Read more

Isco, from ‘nine’ to zero

Isco from nine to zero

Isco is there, but he’s not. Just when it seemed to reappear, it disappeared. On February 6, with Benzema injured, Ancelotti surprised by choosing him to play false nine against Granada (ahead of Jovic, Bale and Latasa; Mariano was out due to injury). He played an hour and put on a remarkable game. he claimed. … Read more

Isco, free in January

Isco free in January

Fiorentina want to feel great again. Rocco Commisso’s project, after a few seasons of ups and downs, has met with Vincenzo Italian enormous stability on the bench. La Viola plays very well, he has returned to fight for the European positions and his intention is to continue growing, giving a strong signal before the probable … Read more

Isco, desperate

Isco desperate

Isco Alarcón is experiencing a very complicated last season at Real Madrid. At 29, he is totally out of Ancelotti’s rotation and ends his contract at the end of the year. Not playing is making it difficult for him to receive offers for next year, in which he will be free from July. In just … Read more

“Isco is worth nothing”

Isco is worth nothing

“At Christmas they don’t think he’s going to leave the club because right now Isco isn’t worth anything in the market”, said Antonio Romero, a journalist for the SER, in ‘The spar‘. One of the outstanding themes of the Sanhedrin was the present and the future of the man from Malaga, bleak in both cases. … Read more

Isco, imminent departure from Real Madrid

Isco imminent departure from Real Madrid

Isco’s future is increasingly far from the Santiago Bernabeu. The Malaga player is hardly having opportunities with Carlo Ancelotti and as published by Ok Diario, the Real Madrid I would not impede his departure in the winter market. The footballer’s contract expires on June 30, 2022 and both parties know perfectly well that the relationship … Read more

Ancelotti deletes Isco

The separation between Isco and Real Madrid is taking on icy tints of a relationship in its last throes. The malagueño has gone to the third plane in Ancelotti’s schemes while he lives the final months of a contract that ends in June 2022 and neither party wishes to extend. The previous national team break … Read more