“Isco is worth nothing”

“At Christmas they don’t think he’s going to leave the club because right now Isco isn’t worth anything in the market”, said Antonio Romero, a journalist for the SER, in ‘The spar‘. One of the outstanding themes of the Sanhedrin was the present and the future of the man from Malaga, bleak in both cases. Ancelotti seemed to reach out to him at the beginning of the year, trying to get back that footballer who fell in love with him in his first stage. But the bet has not been successful. Starter on matchday 2 and 3, he has only played eleven minutes in the league, against Granada in the 14, from September 25. Before the Nasrid team he had a scuffle with the Italian coach which has been accompanied by absolute nothingness ever since.

Antón Meana defended that this specific moment has not meant anything, but that his continuous substitution is a matter of performance: “With Isco there is no problem: he has not warmed up again since what happened in Granada. He just stays on the bench. Today Ancelotti smiles at the press conference because he has tried to get Isco back. He did everything possible. “In addition, he looks back and brings Zidane’s name to the fore, who also tried to resurrect the one from Arroyo de la Miel after his return, without success:”He likes him as a footballer and would love to have him. But he couldn’t, the same thing happened to Zidane. It neither wants nor can. You will not face him. If Isco doesn’t want to, Ancelotti can’t. He prefers not to ‘kill’ him in front of the media, but he knows that he has the backing of the club. “

“If you abandon yourself, there is no going back …”

“I think that at Madrid they don’t think that they don’t want to, but that they can’t”Romero thought, who understands that the problem has been the set-up and that it is too late for Isco at Real Madrid. “If you abandon yourself in the elite sport, there is no going back. They believe that he has become an ordinary footballer. They believe that the quality that he has as a footballer is no longer worth him. At Christmas they do not believe that he is going to leave the club because right now Isco is worth nothing in the market“, he completed, remembering something that we reported in AS, He neither has offers nor did he have them last summer.

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Finally, Julio Pulido had another vision, slightly different from that of his fellow debate. Consider that CarlettoSince that day in Granada, he has withdrawn his trust in the 29-year-old footballer completely: “You have to decipher Ancelotti. The reality is that he had the encounter of the warm-up, and since then he has not played again. I do not have the feeling that Ancelotti has given Isco many more options”. Whether it is because of that specific incident or not, the reality is that, Isco has not dressed again in shorts since the clash against Robert Moreno’s men. The problem is that January doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a salvation. With a contract until June 2022, the next few months point to be difficult for the midfielder.

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“Isco is worth nothing”