Xavi was not exaggerating: there is no other like Pedri

ANDn the Barcelona they have it very clear, but games like the one in istanbul reinforce the idea. The crack of this team is called Pedri Gonzalez. It doesn’t matter if he’s still a kid. He is capable of making a difference on big dates. He can’t handle the pressure and he has the ability to make others play better. It is clear that signing is needed to raise the level of the team, but there is no player on the market like him. he already said it Xavi and some said he was exaggerating. Long life to pedri.

Although it may seem incredible, there are still people who do not recognize the kind of footballer we are dealing with when we talk about pedri. On istanbul was the leader of Barcelona. And not only because of the goal, but because of how the team threw themselves on their backs when the tie was totally against them. It is a superclass and every day that passes is better.

Xavi was not exaggerating there is no other like Pedri
1647547736 608 Xavi was not exaggerating there is no other like Pedri

Today Bara’s central defenders had something else to defend. They were the team’s playmakers for a good part of the game due to the great work of the Turks to cover the midfielders.

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Gives enormous wear to Jordi Alba. A lot of work in defense and a lot of presence in attack. It was providential to avoid the goal of the Turks as soon as the game started. Despite his character, you have to love him. Is a crack.

Hazard joins the party

The injury of destination It is a problem for Barcelona. The American is the only specialist right back who has Xavi for the Europe League.

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The dismissal of Fernando Torres in the goal of Galatasaray It could have been very expensive for his team. In these types of matches, losing concentration for a second pays off. Luckily, he is left in a touch of attention that he will have to learn.


Frankie de Jong He had a very clear chance in the first half. The ball skimmed the post.


Another one who had to roll up his sleeves in istanbul was Sergio Busquets. The midfielder played fine at all times to recover balls and, above all, not to lose it under pressure from the Ottoman team.

1623796016 986 Well it turns out that Pogba was not a whim
1647547736 878 Xavi was not exaggerating there is no other like Pedri

have a guy like aubameyang in the team is the difference between scoring that goal that saves you the tie and going home. It’s a killer and that has been missing Barcelona since he left louis surez. Huge signing.

Zidane warm up what are you going out

At the critical moment of the most important game of the season, Bara had to resort to a footballer who, in theory, would leave at the end of the course. One that was not going to play again for having refused to renew: Ousmane Dembl. It is clear that she cannot afford to lose him this way. Someone should give the matter a spin, to see what can be done.


Without getting out of hand, the referee let the game move down some rather rough paths. Galatasaray set the bar and sometimes Bara was not able to withstand the physical level of the Turks. Lacking muscle, the culs tried to shoot with the precision of a surgeon with the ball. And they didn’t always succeed.


Although it is true that the Turkish fans have always been characterized by generating a hostile environment against their rivals, the throwing of objects was out of place. As well as the reaction of Jordi Alba. It is clear that the Catalan will withdraw without managing to control that character.

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Xavi was not exaggerating: there is no other like Pedri