The business of the former NFL: Troy Aikman will earn 16 million for the position that Tom Brady does not want

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In Spain everyone puts as voices of football to Carlos Martinez and michael robinson oa Manolo Lama and Paco Gonzalez. On United States the same thing happens with joe buck and Troy Aickman on the NFL. These two have spent almost a lifetime making matches in the FOX. But for this new season they have given a radical turn to the world of communication in the country by signing up for the ESPN. In addition, for figures that exceed 97% of player contracts.

The change in the NFL has been a shock almost greater than the new contract Aaron Rodgers. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are a couple as legendary as the one they formed Pat Summerall and John Madden in the past. The also former coach, who died at the end of 2021, went down in history, beyond naming the video game, for being the voice of American football. The new ESPN couple will celebrate 21 years together this coming season.

Some are scandalized because Rodgers is going to collect 135 million euros in three years, of which only half are insured. The three best-paid US television commentators will earn 45 million euros this season. These, furthermore, do not have variables like those of the quarterback. In the United States they talk about the new era of the empowerment of commentators. Everything will grow even more with the arrival of amazon.

In the country, a free agency of commentators is cooked practically every summer that causes an earthquake similar to or greater than that of the players themselves. The withdrawal of Tom Brady it was intuited as a possible move to television. Finally, the player announced this week that he was returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The new york post He does not rule out that one day the most important player in the history of this sport will take this step. At that time, perhaps these figures fall short.

Jason Witten breaks the sack

NFL commentators owe it to Jason Witte a gift basket. Four years ago, this former player of the Dallas Cowboys joined to ‘monday night football‘ of the ESPN charging just over 3.5 million euros. At that time, it was quite a fortune. It didn’t go well. The professional was clumsy, mispronounced names, and continually became a meme on social media for his blunders. So they went for Tony Romo.

The former quarterback of the Cowboys had become the most sought-after commentator for being able to predict plays. Even in the Spanish broadcast you can still see his lines painted on the screen. All this was done in CBS, which renewed him by shielding him. From earning around 2.5 million euros, he went on to more than 15. These figures fell short with Troy Aikman’s new contract with ESPN to partner with Joe Buck.

The American sports network has robbed the FOX to your tandem. whoever was quarterback of the Cowboys will receive 16 million euros, while the narrator will reach 13.5. It is a trend that began last year with the signatures of Chris Collinsworth by NBC (just over 11 million a year) and Jim Nantz by CBS (nearly 9.5 million). Between Aikman, Romo and Collinsworth they will earn 45 million euros just for commenting and creating content for their televisions.

More than 97% of players

Aikman’s contract assumes that he will be paid during the season 2022/2023 more than 97% of NFL players. It must be taken into account that each squad has about 50 men each year and that the big contracts are monopolized by the quarterback. The 12 best salaries in the American League are for the men in charge of making plays on the 100-yard field. Aikman, in any case, would not make the top 25 contracts in the league.

Yes, he would be among the 50 best paid in the NFL. The three highest-paid broadcasters in the NFL have increased their earnings in the last five years by 27 million. Some are going to start charging even from two entities at the same time as Kirk Herbstreitwhich will be both in ESPN like in amazon. others like Peyton Manning He didn’t want to be in the booth during games, but he does produce his own show with a production company he created for the NFL and is now expanding to other sports.

The commentators are almost on the same level as the best players in the NFL. A universe that for other sports exists, but is not in the same galaxy. The NBA It also has succulent contracts for the Kenny Smith, Shaquille O’Neil and charles barkley. What to say about football Europe with the Thierry Henry on France or River Ferdinand on England. Even so, they are still very far from this agreement that Troy Aikman has signed.

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The business of the former NFL: Troy Aikman will earn 16 million for the position that Tom Brady does not want