Xavi: “It’s a litmus test for us, a final”

Xavi Hernandez He has branded this Thursday’s game as a final, litmus test and revival. The coach has acknowledged that they didn’t do their homework at home, that they couldn’t attack well and that now the pass is being played in a complicated stadium. In addition, he has made it clear that he does not think about the classic.

Two defeats: tomorrow and the Csico

“What a situation. We would have to face it, but it is another hypothesis. We will continue working, improving and believing in what we are doing”.


“In our game model, pressure is one of the bases. There cannot be a player who does not press. That is non-negotiable. In our team, no, because the model breaks. If there is no pressure, you have to run 70 meters back and the model changes. It is important that the player is for the team. If he runs and presses ahead, you run less”.

If we lose the next two games? We will continue working, improving and believing in what we are doing



“I like it, I like to compete, I’m a winner. We didn’t have a favorable result from the first leg. We are in the same situation as the day in Naples and we came out very strong there. This is Europe, nobody will give you anything for free”,


“If you win, you gain morale, confidence. The system and the model take on more weight, but if you lose, on the contrary. We play on a difficult field, with different dimensions, the public pushes, they are more aggressive than in the first leg… it is a litmus test for us.

Opponent performance

“We knew it was difficult, but we had to rest some players, make small rotations. He ended up making changes to attack better, but we never underestimated the opponent. We knew beforehand that it was a difficult opponent.”

We do not underestimate the contrary at any time


Galatasaray, compact

“We have analyzed what happened to us and we will try to create more chances than in the first leg. It was also their merit. In the first leg we didn’t play our best game”


“We want to improve in defending better to be a reliable and more competitive team”

Change in the role of coaches

“In the case of Van Gaal, who I think is undervalued in Barcelona, ​​he did a brutal job. I draw on many things from him. He was very hard-working, obsessive and an example of what a modern coach is. In other coaches I know a lot has changed. We rely a lot on technology.”

In the first leg we didn’t play our best game


Agreement with Spotify

“I think it’s very good, like the vast majority of members and fans. It’s a step forward for the club, it’s an important brand. It’s music”.


“Nothing has happened with Mbapp or Haaland. It makes no sense to give an opinion ahead of time. Tomorrow we have a final and that concerns us. We want the game to start to show that we can compete. Then the club is already working to make a project In football, the group is important and if the individuals are at the service of the group, it is brutal, but the group is more important”.

Human factor

“You have to understand how to attack. In the first leg we understood it better in the second half. We also have to control their transition, the ball stopped… It’s a final for both of us, a complicated game because we didn’t do our homework “.

We are very excited and want to show that we can compete in Europe


Europe League

“Our main objective is to be in the Champions League next year and by winning this trophy we would be. We are very excited and want to show that we can compete in Europe”.


“If he can be a starter in both games? Yes, we’ll see. But we only think about tomorrow, not beyond that. Many things can happen tomorrow, injuries, blows… there will be time to think about Sunday. Busquets is essential, I have said many times. We find few players better than Busquets tactically. My model understands him perfectly. He is a key piece”.

It is another revival to show that we can compete in Europe



“It will be a game similar to the first leg, with a medium or low block. We will try to find solutions and attack in a better way. The midfielders did a very good job of marking, the goalkeeper was extraordinary, the defense very well… we have to face the game with motivation and desire to pass”.


“It’s a heads and tails. We cannot fail and we have to go out with more intensity than in the first leg. I didn’t like the first part, in the second we were better. We were not effective. The reference is the day in Osasuna because you are intense, you have fast ball circulation and you go out with all five senses. Galatasaray stopped us well in the first leg and we didn’t do our homework. It’s a final and you have to win in one of the stadiums where they cheer the most. It’s another upset to show that we can compete in Europe. We are the same as in Naples”.

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Xavi: “It’s a litmus test for us, a final”