Wout Weghorst reappeared after his fight with Lionel Messi and the “go there, fool”: what did he say about Argentina’s consecration in the World Cup

The Besiktas forward spoke again about the cross he had with Messi

The World Cup Qatar 2022 It is already part of the past and several memories will remain forever in the minds of Argentine fans. Among the epic scenes left by the consecration of the Albiceleste there was a moment in particular that left a phrase that has already become t-shirts: “What are you looking at, fool? Go there, fool.”. Lionel Messi threw the words at Wout Weghorst in the mixed zone after eliminating Netherlands through the definition by penalties in the quarterfinals.

The Dutch striker, who scored an agonizing double to force extra time against Argentina, is back in the Besiktas and this Wednesday he added his first official minutes after the World Cup. In a match corresponding to the turkey cup in front of sanliurfasporthe scorer entered at the start of the second half, helped to overcome a complicated duel and dispatched with a goal at 85 ‘: his team won 4-2 and talked about his episode with the Flea after the meeting.

The first thing he tried to clarify is the attitude with which he enters the field every time he has to play. “For me, everyone is equal in a game. Fought. I did it in that match too. We had some moments with Messi during the match, maybe he was surprised by that. I respect him a lot”Weghorst explained in a chat with Turkish television. And he added about it, including a joke: “One of the best ever. After the game I wanted to show Messi my respect for him but it wasn’t very clear. At least now my name has been learned.”.

Messi taken out “what are you looking at, silly”

It is worth remembering that during the game in Lusail Iconic Stadium there were verbal and physical crosses within the field of play. Virgil Van Dijk pushed to Leandro Paredes in a melee that erupted after the Juventus midfielder kicked the ball hard into the opposing substitute bench. Later, Nicholas Otamendi He said that in the penalty shootout several Dutch players spoke to the Argentines to distract them. One of those targeted was Denzel Dumfrieswho would have appealed to psychological games with Enzo Fernandez before the execution of the Benfica man.

At the end of the match, it was the turn of the Wout show with Lionel. “Only me I wanted to shake hands After the match. I have a lot of respect for him as a soccer player. But he threw my hand to the side (rejecting the greeting) and he didn’t want to talk to me”, said the Dutchman before the microphones when he was eliminated from the World Cup. “My spanish is not very good, but he said disrespectful words to me and that was really disappointing”, ended. However, with his new statements, he stressed that all the problems simply remained on the field of play.

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Wout Weghorst reappeared after his fight with Lionel Messi and the “go there, fool”: what did he say about Argentina’s consecration in the World Cup