The players of the Argentine National Team changed balls: what sport did they play

After winning the World Cup, some albiceleste footballers decided to organize a friendly match, about which Gerónimo Rulli posted on his social networks.

After the massive celebrations for the consecration of the Argentine National Team in it Qatar World Cup 2022Several players left with their families for a short vacation before returning to their respective teams. However, some stayed together and even They tried their luck with another sport.

Among them are Geronimo Rulli, Emiliano Martinez, john foyth, Federico Gomes Gerth -archer who traveled with the delegation, but was not part of those summoned-, German Pezzella, Marcos Acuna, Lautaro Martinez Y Juan Cruz Souto, one of the props of the Albiceleste. Despite having a few days off, they organized a basketball game and shared it on social media.

The Villarreal goalkeeper posted a photo on his Instagram profile, which he accompanied with the message “If they let us, we would win the NBA”. The publication did not take long to generate reactions, among which those of Leandro Paredes Y the official account of the American league of that sportwho commented: “We are waiting for you in a match, world champions”.

Rulli post - basketball game

Dibu Martínez and Gomes Gerth, the most outstanding in basketball

Two of the three archers present were the MVPs” of the friendly match, as confirmed pezzella on the comments. For his part, he egg coin He only highlighted Tigre’s youth goalkeeper, about whom he wrote: He lied to us”.

Comments by Pezzella and Acuña

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The players of the Argentine National Team changed balls: what sport did they play