Vini already decides like Cristiano or Messi

Vini already decide matches like Christian or Messi. It is what was missing. The Brazilian was not playing his best game because Lopetegui had raised the game in defense with the aim of nullifying the Brazilian’s qualities and because Montiel signed a spectacular game. But Vini is always there, always trying and this time, in 88 ‘, he decided the match with a missile to the squad after leaving two rivals on the ground. It’s that easy, it’s that hard. And the Bernabu delivered. And Florentino, the one who has bet the most for him, smiling in the box, looking at this spectacular stadium that he is building and to which he intends to add to Kylian Mbapp. It paints the Madrid of the future very well.

And LaLiga del Madrid also looks very good, which little by little begins to gain distance. El Atltico and La Real at four points. Sevilla, five. And the Bara, at ten. Madrid suffered, yes, but whites have a unique survival instinct …

Vini already decides like Cristiano or Messi

Vini has no roof

The Brazilian decided the match against him Seville with a missile by the squad after leaving on the ground to Ocampos with a control with the chest already Montiel with a waist twist. Then he put her in the squad. Yes, the shot that he sent so many times to the second amphitheater put him in the squad to give Madrid three points and put Bernabu on its feet. Is there a better player than him today? Probably not. Perhaps Mbapp, whose future looks whiter every day. Florentino can smile …

Hazard joins the party
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Ocampos, what a great game!

Touched on his right ankle, Ocampos drove the Real Madrid defense crazy. It was a headache when I faced and when I looked for the auction coming from the second line. He almost scored a goal after knocking Casemiro to the ground, but his shot crashed off the crossbar after drawing a beautiful parable with which he beat Courtois.


Bono gave life to Real Madrid

When Real Madrid was at its worst, when Sevilla was at its best, Bono failed when trying to catch a shot from far away. Militao. The ball came quickly, after a very hard kick from the Brazilian, but it was a relatively simple action for a goalkeeper of his level. He missed the ball and Benzema I took advantage of the rejection to make it 1-1. Lopetegui, in the band, could not believe it.

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Electric match, but with a white glove

Matches between Real Madrid and Sevilla are usually high-tension matches, but the latter was a white-glove electric match. In the 54th minute, only six fouls had been made! Three from Sevilla and three from Real Madrid. Coaches usually don’t like this data, but the viewer appreciates it because it allows them to watch a game fast, intense and without interruptions. Hopefully many games in LaLiga like this Real Madrid-Sevilla.


Three of the last four Madrid coaches, at the Bernabu

Julen Lopetegui, Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane… together at the Bernabu. The first two in the band, the third in the stands enjoying the match. Three of the last four coaches of the white team, in the same enclosure. Only Solari was missing for the last four to be there, but the Argentine is making history in Mexico. Zizou went with his wife to the private box they have and took the love of all the fans who saw him. Always discreet, he tries to remain inconspicuous, but his figure is unmistakable. I enjoyed the game, while Carlo and Julen suffered a little more.


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Vini already decides like Cristiano or Messi