Vigilance for Hazard


10/15/2021 –

Eden Hazard alternate these days work with the group and alone. Yesterday he was with the group. Today Friday alone. And with slippers. Alert, although the tests to which he was subjected both in TurnAfter the semi-final of the Nations League, as in Madrid, upon their return, they ruled out a muscle injury. Clinically, the player is eligible. But sportingly, there is fear with his statewhat

e muscularly is not the ideal after the scare he gave against France in the semi-finals of the Nations League. Before the French team, the Belgian set off all the alarms by retiring from the pitch amid a counterattack from his team. Head down and giving the feeling of a broken player, he walked to the bench, where he had to be consoled by one of his trusted physios.

It was finally ruled that he suffers from muscle fatigue

and he was released from the duel against Italy. And without injury, but fatigued, he returned to Madrid.

In the white club they have been walking with lead all season with


. There is so much fear that it will break again that you are playing much less than you would expect and should.

Roberto Martnez

After this tournament, he told La Ser that the best way for Hazard to regain his level is to play many games. In Madrid, Ancelotti, thinks otherwise. “Giving Hazard two games can be tough,” he said. A few words that were not for the galley, but that he is fulfilling to the letter: he has not yet completed a complete game and has been a substitute in the last three league games, adding only 35 minutes. Nor to


nor to

Roberto Martnez

They convince him how Ancelotti is managing his playing time, but the Madrid coach fills up with reasons when he sees what happens in the Nations League, that Hazard must ask for the change in the 75th minute. For whatever reason, the musculature de Hazard has been giving him trouble since he had his ankle operated. Last March, he consulted the option of having the joint operated again, convinced that all his problems were born from there. Finally, Madrid took that idea out of his head after subjecting him to new studies and putting him in the hands of the best specialists. The white club is doing everything possible to


He is back to being the player he was, but for now he can’t.



He is clear that he is not going to force Hazard in the least and that if he is not one hundred percent he is not going to take him to Kiev. For now, the player has not been able to perform either session normally and follows a personal plan to minimize the risks of breaking the biceps femoris in his left leg, which is the affected area against Belgium. And on the horizon appears the

Classic of 24-O,

A game that the Belgian has not yet been able to enjoy at Madrid despite signing in 2019. He has always been injured and now, again, some discomfort makes him doubtful. With a week to spare for the game and no apparent injury, Hazard usually arrives, but the Belgian’s resume at Madrid invites us to be prudent and not force him the slightest bit. Hazard, under surveillance and again under suspicion. Because the reality is that he is a player who, without injury, cannot work at the pace of his teammates.

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