Ancelotti gives Hazard another chance, but doesn’t take it for granted

1672825267 Ancelotti gives Hazard another chance but doesnt take it for

Carlo Ancelotti kept his word and gave ownership in Cceres to Eden Hazard. But the Belgian end of the Real Madrid, the most expensive signing in the history of the white club, did not take the hint. I spent a long hour on the lawn of the Prince Philipbut it was as if it had … Read more

Asensio and Hazard, under suspicion

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For Ancelotti there are three levels in Madrid’s forward line. Vinicius and Benzema are in the attic, Rodrygo one floor below and Asensio and Rodrygo in the basement. Although it is for different reasons, the Balearic and the Belgian have become very secondary options. Cornellà was the best example. Although Madrid was struggling, with that … Read more

Hazard leaves his ordeal behind

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Eden Hazard (31 years old) will begin his fourth season in white on July 14. He is in the last group to be attached to the pre-season along with the players who had international commitments. But it should be noted that His time at Madrid is marked by the continuous injuries he has suffered since … Read more

Hazard is finally reunited

Hazard is finally reunited

For Hazard, these matches with Belgium are like summer homework for the student who did not study during the course. If he fills them out well, he hopes not to repeat, which in his case is to hope that the white club maintains a minimum illusion of recovering part of the player that he was, … Read more

The new Hazard: happy, liberated, protected and convinced of being important again

The new Hazard happy liberated protected and convinced of being scaled

LLast operation you underwent hazard on March 25, for the removal of the osteosynthesis plate that was in the right fibulaIt has been a turning point. There is a Hazard before and a Hazard after. A tiny piece of metal had become a major problem. The Belgian lived with a permanent annoyance and with some … Read more

Hazard: “It’s up to me to show that I’m not finished”

Hazard Its up to me to show that Im not

ANDhe captain of the Belgium team, Eden Hazardassured this Wednesday that he hopes to make a good “physical and mental” preparation for get back to his best level after three seasons at Real Madrid limited by injuries and thus be able to demonstrate that it is not “finished”. I still have beautiful things to do … Read more

Save Private Hazard

Save Private Hazard

Eden Hazard is going to enjoy a new opportunityonce he has overcome his chronic discomfort in his right ankle (in the fibula), caused by that osteosynthesis plate (titanium) that was put on him in 2020 as a result of the serious injury suffered by the Belgian player in November 2019 in a Real Madrid-PSG Champions … Read more

The Dortmund wants to Hazard

The Dortmund wants to Hazard

Eden Hazard (31 years old) could be living his last months as a Real Madrid player. The Belgian attacker, who recovering from a medical intervention in which an osteosynthesis plate was removed from his right fibula With whom he had been living for two years, he has not finished curdling in the white team since … Read more

Madrid’s plan for Hazard

Madrids plan for Hazard

Eden Hazard’s 2021-22 season is over. The Belgian underwent surgery last Tuesday to have the titanium plate removed that he wore on his right ankle, hoping that it is the source of all his problems and that, without it, he can get back to his best. The estimated loss is between four and six weeks, … Read more