Vendors in Azteca also suffer from the Cruz Azul veto

The homophobic cry not only harmed Cruz Azul, but also the commerce that depends on the fans who consume in the stadium

Although the playoff match between Cruz Azul and Monterrey was agreed behind closed doors, there were some merchants who came to the vicinity of the Aztec stadium just to try to sell to the “ignorant” or “gossipy”, as described by ‘Don Charly’, who has more than 18 as a salesman in the stadiums of Mexico City.

“You come to sell because you are a worker. We have been here since eight in the morning and we can stay, the truth is that we have done well or better than if we had stayed at home. Perhaps it is not the same as in a match at Open door, but I am satisfied, I have had to sell to the gossipers who come or the ignorant who do not know that there will be no public, “said ‘Don Charly’, who began to pick up his position around 5:30 p.m.

On the esplanade of the Azteca Stadium there were six mobile stalls, five are put up every day regardless of whether there is a game or not, while ‘Don Charly’ sells exclusively when there are games.

“Of course it is different, there is a different environment in addition to the fact that it does sell less, but in our case it is like one more day during the week,” explains Luis.

Around the Colossus of Santa Úrsula, there were some people with the T-shirt of Blue Cross who took time to visit the property before the confrontation with Monterrey, but there were also some who came incredulous that the duel would be behind closed doors.

The solitude of the Azteca Stadium was reflected in the moment the teams arrived. Monterrey He was the first to do so, only in the presence of some representatives of the media and security of the property.

Cruz Azul arrived a few moments later, but unlike the Rayados bus, the La Maquina bus entered accompanied by the shouts of encouragement from nine fans.


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Vendors in Azteca also suffer from the Cruz Azul veto