OF THE YANKEES: The HARDEST player in MLB baseball (+ VIDEO)

November 21, 2021

By Edgar Guadis | @ dany.guadis

Have you ever wondered how fast it was Ty cobb, how fast the shots of Roberto Clemente from the gardens or how fast the shots came from Johnny bench to the fielder when a running back dared to steal? If you are someone like me you have surely wondered and if you are not like me you would not mind knowing the data, but for reasons of around more than half a century it will be impossible for us to know those values ​​(unless technology reaches levels unthinkable).

Luckily for those of us who live in these times, in 2015, the MLB began to use Statcast and with this we are able to know all the questions that you ask before and many more from today’s players. For example, we can say that the fastest player today is Trea Turner with a speed of 30.7 feet / second, that the hardest shot from the outfield was taken by Mount Harrison with a speed of 101.4 MPH, and that JT Realmuto’s shots To second they take an average of 1.89 seconds to reach the target.

Now I’m a more offensive guy and one of the stats I like to track is Exit Velocity, which is basically what hitters are looking for, to make hard contact with the ball. Since this statistic is measured one of the undisputed kings has been Giancarlo stanton that at 6 feet 6 inches (1.98 meters according to Google) and his 244 pounds makes the ball suffer when it makes contact. To give you an idea, from 2015 to now the Yankees designated hitter has had the hardest hit in 3 different seasons (being the only one so far to achieve it in more than one season), but it is not only there, Stanton He also holds the record for the hardest hit hit measured at 122.2 MPH in 2017 and if you have any doubts as to why he is the king of breaking the ball at least once a year, only he and his teammate Aaron Judge have managed to overcome. the 120 MPH barrier. Impressive!.

To finish I would like to leave you with a video of the hits with the highest speed of exit this year and also a Tweet from our official statistics account as color data. Not much more to say, hope you enjoy it.

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OF THE YANKEES: The HARDEST player in MLB baseball (+ VIDEO)