Two NBA stars go crazy when they find out about Lionel Messi contract: ‘I have to take my children to football’

They make fortunes, but apparently nothing compares to the money they pocketed Lionel messi in his last contract BarcelonaThe one who has just beaten and that transformed the Argentine, at least for a few days, into the most coveted free agent in the world of football.

They are Kevin Durant, one of the top stars of NBA who plays in Brooklyn nets, e Isaiah Thomas, which, like Messi, has just been released after a brief stint in New Orleans Pelicans. In the last hours both reacted to seeing in a post Twitter how much money the Rosario won in recent years as a Blaugrana.

And that Durant does not go around with little girls: his four-year contract with the New York franchise allowed him to deposit 164 million dollars in his bank account.

Isaiah Thomas is now a free agent. Photo: AP

Isaiah Thomas is now a free agent. Photo: AP

However, everything seems little with the 674 million dollars, also divided into four years of contract, that Messi won thanks to his extraordinary talent.

“My God, I have to get my kids into soccer, hahaha,” wrote Thomas, who has been in the basketball mecca for 12 seasons and is traversing the downward curve of a career that peaked as he passed through Boston Celtics, where in his last year he averaged almost 29 points per game.

Durant, on the other hand, did not walk with ironies, but reacted with a “Crazy” to the publication on Twitter that spoke about the end of the link between Messi and Barcelona.

What will happen to Messi? Barcelona hopes to fasten, in the coming days, the continuity of Rosario despite his unprecedented status as a free player that places him in the position of accepting the offer made by the highest bidder. In the Catalan club they trust much sooner rather than later both parties will reach an agreement and everything will continue the same as in recent years.

Why was everything delayed? The problem lies in the complexity of an operation that, as Catalunya Ràdio advanced, would guarantee Messi’s continuity as Barça captain for the next two seasons. In the first place, the form of payment and the taxation of the amounts that the Argentine star must collect must be resolved, and then, the new contract must fit into the financial ‘fair play’ criteria required by LaLiga. Is that the club must drastically reduce the salary mass of the first Barça squad, which currently represents 110% of the entity’s income, diminished by the pandemic and the mismanagement of the previous board, and which should not exceed the 60% of the turnover.