Ruben Magnano: “We have to feel proud despite the tears”

Ruben Magnano spoke after the defeat of the Uruguayan basketball team in view of Czech Republic by 80 to 79 in the Pre-olympic of Canada, a result that left Celeste without a chance to advance to the semifinals of the tournament that grants a place for the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

The Uruguayan team, who in his debut he fell with Turkey in figures from 95 to 86 on Tuesday, last night he lost in an incredible way to the Czech Republic by 80 to 79 in a great game that it could well have had Celeste as the winner.

“As in the game against Turkey I think that Uruguay left well seated and written here in Victory what is his character, a competitive character, of which I am extremely proud as a coach for having directed him ”, said the Cordovan technical director at a press conference.

Magnano He added that “to quote a biblical phrase, it was a bit like David versus Goliath. However, we have made the grade and we have to feel proud despite the tears ”.

The coach also spoke of fundamental aspects that mark his driving style and expressed that “an element and a value such as commitment and attitude I consider to be the first thing that we have to try to impose in the selection process. Having the pride of belonging and having a very great sense of belonging for their team because from there everything begins to build ”.

By last, Ruben Magnano He remarked that “I think those values ​​were demonstrated a bit, regardless of the defeats we suffered here in Canada.”