Toluca vs. Pachuca – Match Report – October 27, 2022 – ESPN

Los Tuzos have the Clausura 2022 trophy in their bag, after getting an advantage that seems definitive from the first leg final, which was held at Toluca’s home.

TOLUCA (Fernando Villa) — Hell burned, but that was not enough to prevent Pachuca crush 1-5 at Toluca in the first leg of the 2022 Apertura final. Tuzos they came out inspired and exorcised some Devils who did not put their hands on the first page of the championship game.

The contrasts on the field were evident. While on the side of the locals everything was sadness and looks at the ground, the visit laughed and had a party in Hell.

Romario Ibarra struck the first blow. He took advantage of a counterattack and poor scarlet defense to make it 0-1. Immediately, Gustavo Cabral extended the advantage with another error in the defense.

In the most decisive match, Toluca he was prey to his sins. Haret Ortega He suffered every minute. The weight of Hell played against him and the youth paid dearly, as the third of the Tuzos fell after an oversight he had and that Romario Ibarra took advantage

Despite the beating, Toluca He had his opportunities, but when you don’t walk, you don’t walk. Neither Camilo Sanvezzo, Carlos González or Fernando Navarro took advantage of those they had in front.

Andre Isais he put the fourth and the fifth came from the scorer Nicholas Ibanez. The Tuzos they had half a title in the bag and they knew it. William Almada he modified and gave rest to his main men. While, Toluca he rushed forward.

The atmosphere in the Mexican capital never disappointed. The full stadium did not stop supporting for a minute. Jordan Sierra discounted and the famous “Yes you can” appeared.

In the end, Toluca could get a little closer with a penalty, but Leo Fernandez let go of that last breath Devils.

The illusion was intact, but what happened in the stands was not reflected on the pitch. In the end, time was cruel to some Devils They paid dearly for their mistakes. For its part, Pachuca he is comfortable with the advantage and has the title in the bag.

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Toluca vs. Pachuca – Match Report – October 27, 2022 – ESPN