A miner goes viral for his effort by going to a basketball game with his son

Parents are capable of doing anything for their children, such is the case of a man whose photo went viral on social media after attending a basketball game in Ketucky, wearing his basketball uniform. miner and her face covered in charcoal, just to enjoy the moment with her little one.

The photograph was taken on October 22 during a benefit game for the University of Kentucky men’s team, the Kentucky Wildcatsand for many the tender image reflects one of the many sacrifices that parents make for their children.

Michael Joe McGuire it is the identification of the man who has received the congratulations of the users of the social networks and some extra invitations for future games.

The latter thanks to Wildcats coach John Calipari, who initially shared the image of McGuire and his son while they were having a mid-game conversation sitting in one of the front rows of the court.

The coach’s intention was to find the whereabouts of the unknown man and reward his effort to leave work and immediately go to the field to have a pleasant moment with his little one, especially considering the complicated profession he has.

All this reminded the coach his own childhood and relationship with his father, since he was also the son of a miner and lived the great efforts of his father to ensure a better future for him and the rest of the family.

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“From what I’m told, after his shift, he ran over to be with his son and see our team. I don’t know who he is, but I have tickets for him and his family at Rupp to be treated like VIPs!” the coach wrote. along with the photograph of father and son that he shared on his Twitter profile.

Social networks exploded before the gesture of the miner and viralized the image shared by the coach, said photograph accumulates more than 167,000 “likes” and has been shared more than 15,000 times by users who have also shared their experience with parents employed in mines and the sacrifices they faced to be with them .

For her part, the miner’s wife, Mollie Gail McGuire, to which the wave that produced her husband’s action reached, explained in a Facebook post that, after a day of work that began at 4:45 in the morning Saturday, McGuire drove to the arena where the game was being held and was reunited with her and her young son, Easton.

“We are truly blessed with such an amazing man and beyond grateful. We love our minerMollie wrote in the post.

After being contacted by the press, the woman confirmed that the invitations promised by the coach have already been delivered and once the season begins they will review the day they can attend the game.

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A miner goes viral for his effort by going to a basketball game with his son